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[sticky post] Feb. 29th, 2020

So, I've decided to save links to all my stories on pinboard.  Everything is there now.

It's here, if you want to check it out.

ETA 2016: I'll only be using this to keep track of my comment_fic fills from now on.

I give blanket permission for podficcing and other things -- but let me know what's being done with my fics, and if you want to do anything with any of my original stuff, you have to ask me first. DO NOT repost any of my works anywhere, though links are fine.

i've decided to start a book log

January 5 – 6, 2017: Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

January 7 – 8, 2017: Wolf-Speaker by Tamora Pierce

January 9, 2017: Emperor Mage by Tamora Pierce

January 10, 2017: The Realm of the Gods by Tamora Pierce

January 11, 2017: The One You Feed by EM Hollaway

January 12, 2017: Alanna The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

January 13, 2017: In the Hands of the Goddess and The Woman Who Rides Like a Man by Tamora Pierce

January 13 - 18, 2017: Lioness Rampant by Tamora Pierce

January 18 - 19, 2017: First Test by Tamora Pierce


Jan. 18th, 2017

A tattoo I've been craving since Saturday as written in sharpie

A fun doodle I requested over a bruise still remaining from where they drew blood in the ER. Every time I see it, I have a split second where I think it's soot on my arm.

A tattoo I've been wanting for a few months as written in sharpie

(That's my mom's handwriting. She despises tattoos.)


Jan. 17th, 2017

I've been told that it's best to try and go back to the usual routine.

I wrote last week and it felt good, after so long of not writing.

With that in mind, anyone got any prompts? Just nothing involving fire or cats.
A few comments asked, so instead of answering each, I'll put it here.

It was an electrical fire. It started in the wall of my roommate's room. She was sleeping on the couch; either the smell, the fire alarm, or her shouting woke me up. Or all three.

We tried putting it out. I thought we had. I remember hearing Gus meow, I think as he ran into my room while I was figuring out the fire extenisher.

The upstairs neighbor rushed to check on us and then went into the apartment to check on the fire. I was on the phone with 911.

He told us it wasn't out. He went back upstairs to get his toddler.

I shouted for Gus. I think I went back in to try and find him but my roommate wouldn't let me.

It was so hot. I couldn't breathe or see. I shouted for Gus.

The fire climbed up the wall to the upstairs neighbor's apartment. About six fire trucks came. I called my mom, the apartment lady, and my lilsis.

We ran out of the apartment in our nightclothes, with our phones. That was it.

All of my stuff has smoke and heat damage, but the flames stayed in her room. We watched it billow out of her window. The firemen kept telling me to back up, and I asked at least three of them if I could go in to find Gus. They told me no.

I don't remember much more of that morning. I kept breaking down.

I had a panic attack at the hospital. My mom and sister keep telling me that I'm not a burden and they're just glad I'm still here.

If my roommate hadn't moved in, the fire alarm wouldn't have been on the wall. I may not have woken up. I may have stayed longer in the apartment.

I've gone back twice, while my family pulled out what they could. Looking at it... the fire chief said we're really lucky.

Until the electricity was cut, the fire wouldn't go out. There was nothing we could've done.


My room (left) and my roommate's (right)

My room

My room

My room

My room

What's left of my roommate's room

After a couple days’ hindsight, today, I realized that we’re lucky to be alive. If she hadn’t moved in, I might not have woken up. I might have stayed in the apartment looking for Gus.

My mom has cried so much.


The only good thing that happened today

Finding another one of these because the first isn't salvageable.


Ceasar Augustus
My Cat
July 2009 – January 14, 2017

The last picture I took of him, at 6:30 AM on January 13, 2017.
I want today to have never happened.

I sobbed to both my little sister, two EMTs, and my mom that I wanted to wake up and they all told me I was awake.

Am awake.

The year was going so good. I was actually happy.

And now this.

My family wouldn't even let me go back to the apartment today. My aunt and little sister drove around for supplies while I rested on my parents' couch. Then my mom dragged me to the ER to get my lungs checked, because I stayed in the fire until I could neither breathe nor see, yelling for Gus.

Everyone keeps telling me I did all I could. That I did more than most would've for my GusGus. But he's my cat. He's been mine since he was 10 weeks old, since 2009.

I love him so much. He wasn't burned. He inhaled too much smoke, trying to hide from the threat. They tried to bring him back. They brought him to me.

My mom showed him to me, wrapped in a towel. I couldn't hold him. I could barely look at him. Does that make me horrible? I want to remember him as he was last night, curled up on my chest. Nudging me with his paw and chirping slightly. Wrapping himself around my shoulder and exploring my hair.

That's the Gus I choose to remember. Happy somewhere new, away from his endless UTIs and bad lungs.

I'll find him there, one day. I'll find him and I'll swing him into my arms, and he'll meow at me and I'll understand what he means.

I wish today had never happened. I'd trade everything in the apartment for Gus to have dashed out and hid somewhere else.

At this time last night, Gus was stretched across my lap, purring.

I want him back.
I want to wake up but it's not a dream.
There was a fire in my apartment this morning.

My cat is dead.

My roommate and I are fine.
Okay, so I met with my advisor yesterday to discuss this upcoming semester. As my only teaching experience has been an observer/TA in a classroom of six 60-90 year olds and tutoring a single student, I asked if she knew of a way to get some experience, to know for sure whether I actually like teaching or not.

As it turns out, there is a class of 85 students in need of an instructor. They’ve been scrambling to fill it and all you need is a Master’s degree and 18 hours of grad-level courses. I currently have 90 hours of grad-level courses and I got my Master’s last August.

So. Extra money and teaching experience.

The first class is on Tuesday.
When you're waiting to hear back and it's possibly life-changing news -- God, time drags so slowly.

So, I’m exhausted and one of my chronic pains is really fucking hurting, so I’m gonna go to bed early tonight.

I finished my sixth book this week; that’s one each day so far, and then two I spaced out over Thursday-Sunday. I’ve decided to reread every book on bookcase and donate the ones I don’t like anymore/don’t know why I have.

I actually wrote yesterday AND today. Two drabbles yesterday, four today, and then another chapter for one of my WIPs. Well, more of an interlude, really.

I’ve been to two of my three classes; the third, I won’t have until the 23d because for some reason the semester starts on a Wednesday and the Monday the next week is a holiday so no school. It’s stupid.


God, I wish they would get back to me. I don’t want to jinx it. I already told my lilsis, my cousin, and my boss that it’s possible. I’m feeling a mixture of exhilarated and terrified.
It could be so good.

Jan. 10th, 2017

So, is it actually that impressive to read four books (each 200 pages+) in six days? Or two books in two days? My roommate thinks so.


random shit I collect part 3

And here are the little dudes who live in my room. First up: my full body puppet collection. I've been collecting them since I was an infant - my grandfather gave my first one, a beaver. In the picture, he's being held by the sloth. There are A LOT more, but they're packed up at my parents' house. I don't have nearly enough room in my apt. Then there's the little round dudes, the miniature little round dudes, the fictional character little dudes, the miscellaneous little dudes, the stuffed animals, the team spirit little dudes, and finally the caterpillar and ladybug little dudes.

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random shit I collect part 2

Here's all the stuff in my china cabinet.

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I collect salt&pepper shakers. I also went through a penguin phase and am currently in an owl phase. And other stuff that catches my eye.


the random shit I collect part 1

So, here's a closeup of all the little dudes on my bookcase. I am a magpie mixed with a packrat.

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So let’s say someone felt compelled to write about the time a brave woman goes back in time to work with her younger self to keep a truly terrible person from being elected leader of a country? What would be a good name for the garbage bag wearing a human suit?



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