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Title: when history is done with us
Fandom: Supernatural
Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Adrienne Rich
Warnings: spoilers for everything aired; future!fic
Pairings: none stated
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 150
Point of view: third
Prompt: Dean & Sam, remembering when it was simple


They used to worry about homework and the right clothes, hiding bruises and scars, the specter of CPS hanging over their heads.

Then it was Sam with his normal life, Dean trying to keep Dad from leaving too, and then it was looking for Dad, Dean and Sam together again.

Then it was Dad dying, Sam dying, Dean dying and going to Hell.

Now it's God and Satan, the whole world in the balance.

It used to be so simple when they were children. Now, with Michael’s wings and Lucifer’s fire, it’s so fucking complicated Dean just wants to howl.

Instead he looks at Sam and says, “You ready for this?”

Sam nods.

Some things still are simple, and when it comes down it, God and the devil and everything else be damned, he’s choosing Sam.

“Let’s do it,” Sam says and together they step into the last battle of existence.


Title: east of the pearly gates
Fandom: Supernatural
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: spoilers for everything aired; somewhat crackish
Pairings: none
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 165
Point of view: third
Prompt: Sam, sometimes he thinks he remembers what it was like when he was dead


Sometimes, he dreams about a gate. It's a perfect white he's never seen while awake, and there's this guy sitting in front of it, with a desk and scattered papers, and wire-frame glasses.

"Name, please," the man says without glancing up.

"I-" Sam starts, glancing around. There's clouds and clouds and more clouds, the sky a blue deeper than the sea, and there's a palace in the distance. "Is this Heaven?"

The man looks up and his eyes widen as he blanches whiter than the gate. "Sam Winchester!" he exclaims, fingers clutching around his pen so hard it cracks. "You can't come in here!"

He knows that it’s a dream. He can’t have actually gotten to the Gates of Heaven and been turned away. It would explain a lot, but surely not…

(When Castiel hesitates in shaking his hand, he doesn’t know if it’s just the custom that throws the angel off or Castiel not wanting to touch him. But when he talks to Lucifer, suddenly everything makes sense.)


Title: I want more from you than I ever knew to ask
Fandom: Dark Angel
Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Adrienne Rich
Warnings: none
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 255
Point of view: third
Prompt: Alec, Alec spent more time with his transgenic brothers & sisters than Max did, so why does he feel less of a connection?


After the traitors skedaddled, Manticore made sure that no unit would become a ragtag group of 'siblings' again. They had everyone jumping at shadows, trying to report insurrection before theirs was reported. Random checks, longer training sessions, and a six-month stay in the bowels of hell for the twins.

Yeah, Alec never had a family before Manticore burned down. He still doesn’t, really—the Jam Pony normals are Max’s, and Joshua is Max’s, and the whole city of Seattle is Max’s. He wishes, sometimes, that he could be Max’s, too, but Ben’s already taken that spot.

His unit is not his family. Those people aren’t his siblings. When Max talks about stories Ben told and how Zach looked out for them, Alec understands the words but the concept is foreign. He didn’t have that. Watching Max with OC and Logan and Joshua, he knows he still doesn’t have that.

He’s just the copy of someone beloved that she killed. Things like him don’t get families.

(Sometimes, he really just wants to hold Rachel again, to rest his head on her breast and listen to her heartbeat, to feel her chest rise and fall with her breaths. He imagines that she knows what he is, and that she’s forgiven him, and that she explains all the things that make no sense.

Sometimes, he pretends that she’s given him another name, a special name that only she uses, and they kiss all day long, soft and slow and sweet, and he finally knows what home means.)


Title: future lore
Fandom: Supernatural
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: future!fic, spoilers for everything aired
Pairings: none stated
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 700
Point of view: first
Prompt: Dean/Sam, highway to Hell
Notes: I never state it, but the narrator is Ben Braedon from 3.2 “The Kids Are Alright”


Those who survive... cope. All they can do is endure.


The end begins on a beautiful day (in some places) when a nice enough boy is stabbed in the back by someone he spared.

That boy is never so nice again.


Winchesters are made to survive. They're like cockroaches that way. So even though the world ends, hellfire raining from the sky while the angels flee like scared bunnies to a far corner of the cosmos(or maybe another nice enough boy said angels aren't real and they weren't anymore), even though Creation cries for its Maker, unheard and unanswered, there are still Winchesters.

Two of them, in fact. And probably not the two you expect.

(Just tell the story, you say? But I am.)


The beginning ends when a pretty little blonde (she’s good with a gun and better with a knife, so you better watch out and you better think twice) catches a demon’s fancy.

You see, for those in the know, the entire tapestry got rewoven that day. The Campbell family should have been a blip on the radar, a little clan of hunters who’d die a hundred years later in the demon wars.

There were no vessels then. Those came later, when that spitfire Mary made a deal.

(Hush. You wanted the truth, didn’t you? I can’t help that you don’t like it.)


So, the mother of two vessels (though, of course, that wasn’t true yet) marries a soldier. She’s a hunter; he’s a warrior. Match made in Heaven, or Hell, if you want to get technical. They’re both trying to escape their pasts, though—doesn’t it always?—the past comes calling with fire and blood.

(Fine, fine, I’ll skip ahead a bit. Sheesh, you’re impatient.)


So, there's this nice enough boy and his overprotective big brother. The boy gets stabbed in the back and dies in his brother's arms.

(Oh, you know that part? Hmm. I guess I'll skip ahead some more.)


In Hell, that overprotective big brother becomes the Tormentor's favorite pupil, with potential to spare. He takes to torturing like blood to a knife, like he'd been made, bred, and born for it. Never has Alistair had such a student, not in all the eons since Sammael became Lucifer. (And yes, that's important. Remember that.)

Anyway, though he doesn't know it, when he takes the razor from Alistair's bloodstained fingers and slices a poor soul from neck to navel, he shatters the first lock on the door of Lucifer's cage.

But that's not the point. Dean Winchester broke the first lock, yes, and his sweet little brother—no longer quite so sweet, and actually taller and broader, if you want to get technical(isn’t that the way with little brothers?)—broke the last.

So, yeah. That's what happened.

(Huh? What comes after? Well...)


Those who survive... cope. All they can do is endure. We're survivors, sweetheart. We're like cockroaches, us Winchesters. Dean and Sam didn't make it—that final battle, when Lucifer and Michael fought for the first time since the War in Heaven, burned them both up in incandescent light, brighter than the sun, and far hotter. They were scorched to nothingness.

I wouldn't have believed it myself, but my brother told me so.

Yeah, I know... he could bring them back, maybe. And the angels, too. Except he doesn't do that anymore. He refuses, or maybe he can’t. Because like he wished away the angels, he also removed the power, see. He's just a normal anymore. Like me.

Well, as much as we can be, us Winchester boys.

(Hey, you wanted the truth. Dean and Sam are dead, but they died together. Jesse swore, that one time I asked, that they knew, that they held each other in those final moments, soul to soul as they left existence.

Jesse swore. And he doesn't lie to me.)


Hey, look, sorry. I gotta go. My brother's calling. Maybe next time you'll request an easier story, yeah?

Oh, don't worry. It's no secret. I just... sometimes, it's hard to talk about, you know?

Anyway. We'll endure. Nothing else to do, and we're Winchesters, me and Jesse.

We'll survive, 'cause it's what we do.


Title: It wasn't supposed to end like this
Fandom: Supernatural
Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Patricia Young
Warnings: future!fic; spoilers for season 5
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, possibly implied wincest, if you choose to take it as such
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 585
Point of view: third
Prompt: Dean/Castiel, apocafic a la Ruin and Beauty by Patricia Young


He can see the proof everywhere, in the ruin of cities. People dying where they stood, no warning, no chance. Breakfast dishes left, cars in the street, bodies lying where they fell.

Too many to bury, and too many to burn. He expects spirits to come after him, but not a single one ever does. They have better things to do, now.

(Lucifer's gathering an army to storm Heaven. Any soul not there is gangpressed in. That's what Cas says, and he'd know, right? If anyone left on Earth does, it's him.)

There are survivors, of course. There are always survivors of the massacre, of the earthquake or volcano or hurricane. Always those who grieve and mourn, and try to bury the dead. To sing the memories of those gone to the stars.

He isn't exactly their leader—he never sets out to command the group, at least. But word gets around, even now, and people flock to him as one who knows.

(He doesn't, not really. He's got an angel on his shoulder and one in his blood, but he's still just a man. Just as lost and confused as everyone else, except he knew that it was coming. His whole life, he thinks sometimes, he knew.)

It isn't long before nature begins reclaiming the bones of the cities, grass through pavement, vines up skyscrapers, wolves and panthers prowling through the ruins, coyotes sniffing at the edges.

He leaves them to it because survivors should stick together. If they can make a living out of this calamity, so be it.

(The creatures stay away from his group, the terrified survivors who flinch at shadows and cry at dawn. There are only sixty-six so far. He hopes more will come. None are younger than sixteen and none older than fifty-seven. They need more. They can't be all that's left. They just can't be.)

Castiel stays the night, sometimes, taking breaks from his quest. He always shows when Dean calls, those few times he’s cornered with no other way out. They don’t talk any more than they ever did, but when it all gets to be too much, the world on his shoulders—still and always, it seems—having someone who doesn’t expect miracles is a balm.

Cas was there, after all. Back when Dean was just a man without everything depending on him. Cas was there, the only left who was.

(Tell me your name, he hears the Star of Morning whisper in his dreams. Tell me your name, my dear. Do you know what he calls you, this body that feels like home, this mind that sings the same song as my own?)

Whenever he stops to think, to remember, Dean recalls the old days, before Stanford and Dad and everything spiraled out of control. He tries to see that Sammy in his mind, young and idealistic and so hopeful.

When things get really depressing, those memories are the only thing that keeps him going.

(He calls you brother, the Prince of Lies tells him. He calls you brother and he loves you oh so very much.)

He’s got an angel on his shoulder and one in his blood, and he’s the only person the surviving humans trust.

“Don’t worry, Dean,” Castiel always tells him before returning to his quest. “I have faith in you.”

(He tries to ignore Lucifer, wearing that face and that voice, and remember what used to be, back when they were young and innocent, back before they ended the world.)



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Jan. 10th, 2010 03:04 pm (UTC)
Love them all but my favourite is the first one.
Jan. 10th, 2010 03:38 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
Jan. 10th, 2010 05:57 pm (UTC)
Ben and Jesse!
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These aer all so beautiful, but the last one broke my heart.
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Thank you!
Jan. 11th, 2010 04:13 am (UTC)
That last one was gorgeous. I'm tearing up over those passages in parentheses.

I also loved the Alec one. He really is a horribly lonely character, and I adore the lines about Rachel.

Jan. 11th, 2010 03:04 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!
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Thanks for sharing :)
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Thank you for reading!
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RE: I want more from you than I ever knew to ask
OMG you made me cry big weepy tears. Oh Alec. *sniffles and gives the poor boy a hug*
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Re: I want more from you than I ever knew to ask
Thank you!
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Thank you so much!
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Alec! So heartbreaking and beautiful.
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Thank you!
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The Dark Angel one broke my heart into at least a million pieces.
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Jan. 17th, 2010 09:41 pm (UTC)
I really liked "It wasn't supposed to End Like This". I liked the feel of it and the text in brackets.

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Thank you!
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Thank you so much!
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