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Harry Potter/Avengers: AU, gennish, PG

Title: where there are no keepsakes
Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Anne Sexton
Fandom: Harry Potter/Avengers movieverse
Warnings: AU, of course. Also, I have several problems with Dumbledore’s actions throughout the course of the series, so while he is not straight up evil here, he is manipulative!Dumbledore, so warnings for that, I guess? Also, there is grief/anger. Also, I am so very much handwaving timelines. So even though the technology doesn’t fit, Avengers/Captain America 2/all of those movies happen in the early 2000s, okay? So Harry’s first year would be in 2014. Also, Thor 2 & Iron Man 3 happened, but Pepper kept extremis.
Pairings: Steve/Bucky, Thor/Jane, Pepper/Tony, Clint/Natasha/Sam/Darcy, James/Lily
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 6810
Point of view: third
Prompt: Harry Potter Raised By Avengers

I just love crossover fics. Especially ones with Harry Potter. So prompt: The Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, has been running around Europe slowly remembering and evading Steve because he can't face what he's done and in England he is just hanging out on a street one night when he sees some old man leave a baby on a doorstep with a note. That just doesn't fly because he leaves a baby on a damn doorstep at night? So his protective instincts kick in, he takes one look at the letter, sees the kid's name is Harry and watches over him for the night to make sure nothing bad happens (cause he's not just going to kidnap a kid alright). But in the morning things go from bad to worse when that woman screams and makes a fuss.

So he decides screw it and takes the kid. And then goes to Steve because after everything he's done he's no good for a kid right?

Wrong. He and Steve end up raising the boy in the Avengers tower and Dumbledore is going to have a hell of a time trying to get Harry to Hogwarts when that kid turns eleven.

WHERE IS HARRY POTTER? was the headline for weeks; every morning, it sent a shard of grief through her.

She stalks up the winding staircase, gives Severus, already sitting across from Albus, a nod, and then asks, “Well, Albus?”

Albus smiles at her, eyes twinkling behind those ridiculous spectacles. And then he says the four words that change everything: “I have found him.”


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