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[sticky post] Feb. 29th, 2020

So, I've decided to save links to all my stories on pinboard.  Everything is there now.

It's here, if you want to check it out.

ETA 2016: I'll only be using this to keep track of my comment_fic fills from now on.

I give blanket permission for podficcing and other things -- but let me know what's being done with my fics, and if you want to do anything with any of my original stuff, you have to ask me first. DO NOT repost any of my works anywhere, though links are fine.

book log FINISHED

January: 25
February: 55
March: 80
April: 47
May: 63
June: 72
July: 95
August: 32
September: 31
October: 89
November: 73
December: 343
Year-end total: 1,003

Apparently, the list (21 pages / almost 10,000 words) is too large to post here, so if you wanna check it out here's a link.


Dec. 12th, 2017

words posted on A03 to date: 1,542,823
This morning, my sister decided it was time to let her cat Jenny go; to combat Jenny’s chronic illness would have been cruel because her quality of life... it would’ve been cruel.

Jenny has been part of my life for almost ten years. Of course, I named her, and her nicknames rotated between Jenny the Hutt, JennyMelon, and JennyBean.

Nov. 29th, 2017

Triggers this past week:

On thanksgiving, my uncle's oven literally caught fire - there were actual flames.

Last night (11/28), I dreamed about running into a fire to rescue dozens of cats.

Today (11/29), someone texted me pictures of kittens that need fostering and one looked exactly like baby!Gus.

What the fuck is the world trying to tell me?

Nov. 20th, 2017

Would anyone want a holiday postcard/greeting mailed to them?
So, I'm taking a class called Subversive Fairy Tales and Radical Bliss, right? We read various fairy tale themed works and write fairy tale prose/poetry.

I am straight-up writing poems about fairy tales and mostly playing with format; my classmates are writing poetry that interprets our prompts other ways, and some of the works, I am really not liking. We read our pieces aloud and then have small-group workshops, where everybody's gets 5 minutes of focus. I'm the only non-English/creative writing major in the room (though, I DO have a BA in English).

I just... some of the feedback I've been getting is making me wonder if I'm as good a writer as I think I am, but then, maybe it's just that our styles are different? I'm not experimenting with topics or voices or styles; I am straight-up writing fairy tale poetry for my subversive fairy tale class, and I guess it's too on-the-nose for some of my classmates?

This is my fun class. I'm thinking of talking to the professor about it tomorrow, because we're meeting to discuss my work thus far.

Oct. 26th, 2017

Anyone wanna volunteer to help me figure out the details for my 12-poem project for my poetry class? Some very dark fairy tale AUs are included, and I’m also worldbuilding a continent with multiple countries involved in at least one very bloody war, and a whole new pantheon because why the fuck not.
Tell me or link me to your favorite uplifting quote or poem, and/or an uplifting piece of advice, please.

Oct. 17th, 2017

Okay, so anyone know of something I can do with a shit-ton of vintage postcards? I want to mail them out but I'm not sure to who.

If anyone wants one, just PM me an address.

Oct. 2nd, 2017

Book count for July through March (not including books that were begun in those months and finished in another; including books begun in earlier months and finished in these):

July: 95

August: 32

September: 31


Sep. 29th, 2017

Book count for April through March (not including books that were begun in those months and finished in another; including books begun in earlier months and finished in these):

April: 48
May: 65
June: 69


Book count for January through March (not including books that were begun in those months and finished in another):

January: 25
February: 54
March: 76


Sep. 21st, 2017

So, I took a break from reading books in order to gorge myself on fanfiction (mainly Supernatural and Flash) but now I’m going back to books. I’ve been maintaining my book log, though it’s been slowly added to.

However, I’m taking a class that requires a finished manuscript at the end of the semester, and in order to do that, I have a shit-ton of research to do, which means… book reading. Lots of it. (And articles, and papers, and and and.)

I am thinking about posting a month-by-month breakdown of books read, but what about the books that were started in one month and finished in the next?
So, I have a cousin who lives in Houston; she and her family rode out Hurricane Harvey safely.

I also have a cousin in Tampa, who has decided to go to a friend's house further north to ride out Hurricane Irma, because she waited too long to leave Florida entirely.

Aug. 25th, 2017

Oh shit, Hurricane Harvey. Cat 4 at landfall?!
So I'm on season 2 of Z Nation and I'm liking it way more than I did Walking Dead.
So I'm going through the very last bin from my old apartment because I'm moving into a new one. I've found stories I never typed up, that I'd completely forgotten about. I'm not sure I want to type them up now because they're probably horrible, but I also do kinda wanna type them up because the idea might still be sound. You know?

Also: all four of my teenage diaries made it unscathed! I was so fucking dramatic but I'm so glad they aren't damaged.


So, not only did I keep Abaddon, I've also gotten Anakin.

I'm moving into a new apartment later this month; same complex, different building.

I've come up with a tentative idea for my dissertation.

I've discovered that Amazon has wishlists.



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