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Women have lovely bones - SN fic - PG

 Title: Women have lovely bones
Fandom: "Supernatural"
Disclaimer: not my characters; just for fun. title from Anne Sexton
Warnings: spoilers for everything aired
Pairings: Lucifer/Lilith
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1000
Point of view: third

Centuries lost in the dark and now she has form again. Lucifer is gone, Adam long dead, and Yahweh has closed the Gates of Heaven to everyone. 

The world is overrun by arrogant apes, Adam’s weak descendants. They are disgusting creatures and she will cleanse the Earth of their filth one day.

She needs aid, though. Her power must be built back up. The upstart gods had the right idea: human worship gives strength. So she sends out tendrils, tempting them to sell themselves, and they do. She prefers females; those who cradle life within their own bodies always have a bit more power.

Demons flock to her once she is known. Adam’s first wife, who left Eden of her own will, to become Lucifer’s favorite—she is legend and myth in Hell’s firelit caverns.

, they whisper. The queen has come back to us.

Lucifer vanished. She asks quietly around, but no one knows where or why. She leaves Hell, following a murmur of dark power. Azazel, one of Lucifer’s children, has left a trail of human young with demon blood across the world.

Lilith studies them all, ever rebuilding her strength. Some are weaker than others, but one stands above the rest.

He is still a child, but such potential… he is more than Azazel-tainted. He feels like Lucifer.

She has found her lover after centuries of loneliness in the dark, and he is a human boy.

Lilith watches, hidden for years, while her power grows. Her acolytes are gathering souls and women, and she will be ready when he remembers.

She wonders if Azazel knew what he did, before Lucifer’s human brother killed him. Maybe he was working on Lucifer’s orders. She’ll have to ask him when he’s himself again.

She follows him as he grows, as he’s trained, as he becomes a kind man. He longs for normal without any memory of who he was, of what he was.

Ah, my beautiful serpent
, she thinks, watching young Samuel leave his family. How did you become this child? How will you feel when you learn the truth?

Lilith travels the world, visiting all of her followers, almost back at full strength. Before being shoved into the abyss, she had been second only to Yahweh and Lucifer. Once freed(an accident? She still doesn’t know who opened the door) she’d been weak as a newborn human. Pure will kept her going, the same will that led her from the Garden and Adam’s bruising thumb.

Samuel grows and learns while she’s gone. She returns to see Azazel burn his attempt at escaping what he thought to be his past.

Oh, love
, she thinks, watching Samuel sob in his human brother’s arms. You are so far gone. You will be so angry when you learn.

It will be a beautiful fury.

She watches, still unsure of Azazel’s plan, still unsure if he follows Lucifer’s orders. Azazel tries to kill Samuel’s brother, does kill his father, and is then responsible for Samuel’s death.

Lilith screams when that fragile dark power is snuffed out. Hell trembles and her rage causes her power to explode, finally as strong as she was before. She howls, a storm swirling around her. Lilith cannot return life and the only hint of Lucifer she’s found was in that human boy.

She gathers her pain and power, prepared to strike at Azazel, to punish him for his insolence and traitorous ways.

But then—oh, so glorious—Lucifer is back, breathing in Samuel, returned to life by a dealmaker and human love. She laughs in relief, dancing around Lucifer’s palace. He’s alive again and she feels younger than she has in millennia.

When the dealmaker returns to Hell, Lilith kisses her, rewards her with a position in the grand design.

Of course, Lucifer kills her, unknowing, but Lilith cannot fault him for it. The demon should have told her king what he wanted to know. And not bad-mouthed Dean. Foolish little thing.

Samuel is Lucifer, Lord of Hell. He is not fully the Lord she remembers, the being she loved but never worshipped. He is part human, and so cripplingly weak. But he has enough of Lucifer to rule. He is enough of Lucifer for her to love.

The human brother, Dean, kills Azazel, and Lilith laughs again, twirling in joy.

She looks away, after the hellgate opens, for a few months, attention captivated by a moral war in the East. When she comes back, one of her generals is dead, killed by Lucifer’s human brother, because she had attempted to murder Lucifer.

If Dean hadn’t killed the bitch, Lilith would have.

In less than six months, Dean will come Below, and Samuel will follow. When he sets foot in Hell, Lilith fully believes, his memories will flow. He will be her Lucifer again.

The demon who calls herself Ruby reveals Lilith’s identity to a handful of humans without Lilith’s consent. So Lilith visits the small jail and cleans up “Ruby”s mess. She will need to deal with the young demon soon, before she confuses Samuel even more. He has too much in his head already, without her skewed perspective of truth.

Lilith straightens up the palace, airing out rooms long unused. It gives her something to do while her plans come together.

Dean will join them in Hell, and Samuel will follow, and he will become her Lord again.

Lucifer will return to Hell, finally, after so long away. She will be complete again

My serpent
, she whispers, as Samuel sleeps wrapped around his human brother on Dean’s last night alive. You will come back to me.

Even if Dean comes with him—which she’s sure he will—Lucifer will be worth it.

Hell will be home again, with the true Lord back. Lilith is queen with no king, and Hell is lonely without her gorgeous serpent.

But soon—tomorrow—the hounds will go for Dean, and Samuel will follow him home.

And Lilith’s world will be complete again.
Tags: fanfic: supernatural, fic, het, point of view: third person, rated pg, title: w, tv fic, wordcount: thousand plus
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