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glory shines down on our tears - Star Trek reboot drabble - PG

Title: glory shines down on our tears

Fandom: Star Trek reboot

Disclaimer: not my characters; I’m really pretty sure I didn’t think up the title’s phrasing, but I have no idea where I might’ve gotten it from.

Warnings: spoilers for film

Pairings: none

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 240

Point of view: third

Notes: I got the name Frank from the novelization. I went with Sam for Jim’s brother because using George would’ve been confusing.



What Jim knows about his father is that George Kirk was kind and brave and funny and smart and went out in a blaze of glory, sacrificing himself for the crew, and Mom, and Jim himself. Jim was born in the same minute his father died, and he knows that he could never replace George Kirk. Sam and Mom and even Mom’s new husband have all told him so. It wasn’t an even trade, Jim for George. George had been better. George was brave and kind and smart and funny, and gave his own life to save others. Jim doesn’t think he could ever do that. He doesn’t have the self-sacrificing courage.


What Jim knows about the car is that it was his father’s. And Mom’s new husband is selling it away. Mom’s off-planet and out of reach, not that the bastard would ask permission, even if he could contact her. Sam storms out, Frank is somewhere inside the house, and Jim is alone with his father’s car, the last thing he has of George Kirk. 


Dad went out in a blaze of glory, Jim thinks. It’s only right his car does, too. Sam doesn’t want the car; Mom left it here like she left them, so she’s lost all claim to it.  And Frank isn’t a Kirk. He has no right to the car.


What Jim knows about driving an antiquated vehicle is nothing, but that doesn’t stop him.



Tags: fanfic: star trek, fic, gen, movie fic, point of view: third person, rated pg, title: g, wordcount: drabble
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