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family resemblance - Trek reboot/Doom - PG, preslash

Title: family resemblance
Fandom: Star Trek reboot/Doom
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: spoilers for both films; timelines that may not actually work
Pairings: pre-Bones/Jim
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 710
Point of view: third

prequel here


Len has seen pictures of his great-great-grandmother’s great-grandmother's brother, John. The older Len gets, the more he looks like the man, until they’re damned near identical.

He knows his however many great-uncle died young, heroically sacrificing himself for civilians. John was a soldier and his sister a scientist, and Len’s own twin died in a shuttle accident when they were six. 

When Len meets Jim Kirk on that shuttle in Iowa, he hasn’t so instantly connected with someone since birth.


Len has always healed quickly. He doesn’t like violence, but he is very good at it. He’s got shockingly quick reflexes and more strength than he thinks he should, but Mama told him long ago not to worry about it. It’s just an inheritance from his great-great-grandmother's great-grandmother. He could’ve been something other than a doctor, quite easily, but he wants to help people, not hurt them. He leaves the fighting to Jim.

He keeps in shape, of course, because he is not a fool. Like Mama said, he’s been gifted; only idiots reject something out of hand. Len knows how to defend himself and someone else, though he doesn’t take pleasure in it like Jim. 

Sometimes, when Jim’s actually on the losing end of a fight, Len steps in to finish it. Everyone in his family, all the way back to his great-great-grandmother's great-grandmother, has been taught to fight like a Special Forces soldier.

Len could probably help Jim with that hand-to-hand class, but he’s a healer, not a warrior.


Of course, Len follows the damned fool kid into space. Goddamned Jim Kirk. After sneaking the idiot onto the Enterprise just so that Jim could save Earth and most likely the whole universe. And then Jim is given the Enterprise and Len signs on as his CMO because no one else can keep kid in one piece.

So many things keep trying to rip Jim apart that Len is seriously considering tying him to the ship and never letting him on an away party again, but then, then

“Uncle John,” Len whispers in shock, staring up at a family legend, a family ghost, wrist-deep in Jim’s chest, surrounded by the corpses of the marauders that tried to kill his captain, all slaughtered by a man dead for a couple dozen decades.


Everyone keeps looking back and forth between Len and the man who introduced himself as John Smith with a smirk. They’re not quite identical, but they could pass as twins.

John hangs back in sickbay as Len saves Jim’s life, again, and then follows him into his office after Jim is stabilized.

“What are you?” Len asks quietly.

John hesitates, staring at Len, eyes examining his face intently, looking for something that Len couldn’t begin to explain.

Finally, John says, “I’m human, just with something extra.” He pauses. “I lost track of Sam’s descendants a century ago.”

Len nods because, of course, his ancestor is actually an immortal who showed up just in time to save his life. Such is the influence of Jim Kirk.

“Tell me,” he demands, and John does.


John disembarks at the next spaceport, leaving Len with a nod. “Take care of that kid, Bones,” he instructs. “He reminds me of Sam.”

“Mama told me that your name in your unit was Reaper,” Len says. 

John smiles. “As in grim,” he chuckles.

Len watches him go, not reacting when Jim steps up next to him. “I’m sure there’s a story,” the self-sacrificing, laugh-in-the-face-of-danger, stubborn idiot tells him. “I mean, I remember that we were attacked, and then I’m in sickbay and you have a twin.”

Len shrugs. “John’s family,” he says. “I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

Jim promises, “I’ll get it out of you one day, Bones.”

Len swears to himself that he’ll step up in physical training because what happened on that planet cannot happen again.


Len knows he’ll never be as good as his however many greats-uncle, and probably not as good as Jim, because while he knows the basics, and has the strength and reflexes, he hasn’t spent most of his life fighting.

But what he does have is nobody ever expecting the doctor capable of violence, and the next time a banquet they’re at is attacked, Len protects his captain’s back and knows that Reaper would be proud.




Tags: crossover fic, fanfic: doom, fanfic: star trek, fic, gen, movie fic, point of view: third person, rated pg, slash, title: f, wordcount: drabble plus
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