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family resemblance pt 1 - Doom/Trek reboot, PG, mostly gen

Title: family resemblance
Fandom: Doom/Star Trek reboot
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: spoilers for Doom
Pairings: Reaper/OFC, Sam/OMC, mentions of Sarge/Reaper
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 380
Point of view: third


There are family legends, John knows, of a horse lord and a sword master. Soon there will be one about the heroic soldier. He doesn’t want to leave Sam, but he must—ten years have passed since Olduvai and people will start to notice any day now.

Sam is married with two children and John hasn’t even had a one-night-stand in almost a decade and a half. He doesn’t really miss sex, just the feeling of closeness, of sharing with someone else. His last partner was Sarge, and that’s a minefield all on its own. Sarge is still the one he reaches for after a nightmare, even though he is the star of most.

Three months after John Grimm dies in a blaze of glory, John Kirill has a fling with the woman he was hired to protect. The chances of a pregnancy are one in a million, but apparently John’s juiced up genes can defeat contraceptives. Carolyn becomes pregnant and John’s terrible luck holds true: she dies of complications during delivery, a calamity unheard of in this day and age.

Sam wraps her arms around her twin while he holds his son and tells him everything will be okay.

Two weeks later, Sam goes home with Michael, the nephew she’ll raise as a son. Only she and her husband will ever know; her daughters are too young yet to realize that’s not how children happen, and they’ll never think to question it.

Sam makes sure her children know how to defend themselves and she notices that Michael is stronger, faster, and smarter than any other child his age, even his genius siblings. His own children, two girls and a boy, are the same.   Michael’s direct descendants are never sick, never break bones, and usually die of very old age.

John checks in over the years, but he loses track after the second century. Sam’s family is too far flung.

Until John is wandering on another anonymous planet and sees a man with his face, crouched over a bleeding body, surrounded by screaming natives.

Reaper roars to the forefront and doesn’t settle until every enemy is dead.

Michael’s however-many-greats grandson stares at John, eyes wide, and John smiles.


continued here

Tags: crossover fic, fanfic: doom, fanfic: star trek, fic, het, movie fic, point of view: third person, rated pg, slash, title: f, wordcount: drabble
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