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comment_fic 980: Avengers

Title: the caged bird sings of freedom

Fandom: Marvel movies with a little bit of comics thrown in

Disclaimer: not my characters ; title from Maya Angelou

Warnings: actor/singer/writer AU of doom written by someone who is only a writer and not even really a published one; past-child abuse (physical and sexual) for multiple characters; past-drug addiction/alcoholism for multiple characters; discussion of violence/stalking; attempted sexual assault; successful sexual assault; past -suicidal implications; past-incestuous actions, though they weren’t actually related – however, they did get together before learning that; implied trauma for basically everyone

Pairings: Thor/Loki, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, Betty Ross/Bruce Banner, eventual Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes; background Jim Morita/Dum Dum Dugan, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, Darcy Lewis/Jane Foster, Susan Storm/Reed Richards, Johnny Storm/OFC; Clint&Natasha are platonic soulmates; one-sided Brock Rumlow/Bucky

Wordcount: 30000 and counting [WIP]

Point of view: third

Prompt: Avengers, all, the Avengers are superstars brought together to record a song to raise money for charity

Note: if Lene, Eivind, and Øyvind are talking to each other, it’s probably in Norwegian

Another note: my plan is for at least 25 chapters; length of the chapters will vary. The warnings will be updated should the need arise. What is up there currently are things I know for a fact will happen or happened at some point in the past and either being alluded to or discussed.

Yet another note: If I mention a song in here, I have probably written it already/am going to write it. Also, the movies have been sketched out. Ask if you’d like; when this is done (hopefully it will be completed), I may post an appendix with all of them, anyway. I namedrop a lot of Marvel characters as actors/singers/writers what have you.

Final note: clichéd title is clichéd -- but. Holy shit is it appropriate.

The Avengers and their various hangers-on as actors, singers, writers, artists -- all brought together by Nick Fury's SHIELD Productions for the charity extravaganza of the century.

You've got the Norwegian punk-rock band Ragnarök trying to break into the American musician scene; the pop duo Widow's Eye taking a break from their world tour; Oscar winner Tony Stark making a comeback after a massive derailment due to substance addictions; poet/screenwriter Bruce Banner trying to make a comeback due to a severe depressive episode; Sam Wilson, an Oscar contender whose star is on the rise trying to get Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers' graphic novel series turned into a movie; and finally, Jimmy Barnes, former child star who lost his way and wants to leave acting for good.


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