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Title: Stay away 'cause that boy's a warning sign
Fandom: Marvel movies
Disclaimer: not my characters; title from “Black Roses”
Warnings: character death; implied violence; implied bad things happening to children; a mishmash of backgrounds for Clint; spoilers through Cap2
Pairings: none
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 615
Point of view: third
Prompt: MCU, Clint + Barney, Black Roses

Once upon a time, there were two little orphan boys who ran away to the circus. They had all sorts of adventures and learned all sorts of things. The older boy protected the younger as best he could; that's what good older brothers do, after all.

For ten years, he protected his little brother. He did all sorts of horrible things, but it was so his little brother got clothes that fit and enough food to eat and had the chance to keep on mastering the bow&arrow.

You see, he'd figured out that though he himself was pretty good at lots of things, his little brother was the best at a couple of things, and he wanted his little brother happy and safe.

Unfortunately, his little brother found out the price his safety and happiness cost, and then the older brother had to choose – his life or his little brother’s.

He chose himself.

For the rest of his life, he will regret that choice.


Clint lived, despite Duquesne and Chisholm’s efforts. He lived to remember Barney walking away. He’d been an orphan for ten years and a brother for sixteen, and now he had to figure out how to take care of himself.

Clint had quite a few skills and none that would help him in living a law-abiding life. So he didn’t.


Being an assassin is easier than it seems. Clint likes people in general, sure, but not enough to go out of his way to save them. His loyalty has to be earned, and it’s a lot harder than it was before the night his brother helped beat him into the ground.

SHIELD was always going to come calling because skills like his – well, a good marksman is a dime a dozen. But he’s unparalleled except for another assassin named Bullseye, and Bullseye already turned SHIELD down.

In thirteen years, Clint will be very glad it was SHIELD and not HYDRA that recruited him.


Barney can do everything Clint can do, but not as well. Not as quick.

SHIELD gave Clint a choice, and HYDRA gave it to Barney, too.

Neither one of them is a true believer in anything anymore.


For sixteen years, Barney looked after his little brother. After, he knew that Clint lived but not much else. And now with HYDRA revealed to the world, Barney has another choice to make, twenty years too late.


When Black Widow uploads (almost) everything, Clint is undercover in Grodno and trying to cozy up to the daughter of a Russian mobster. He doesn’t know that Barney is there on unrelated business. He isn’t aware when it comes down to Barney having to choose between his own life and his little brother’s.

They haven’t spoken in twenty years. Haven’t seen each other. But the day Barney realized that Clint was SHIELD’s Hawkeye was the proudest of his life.

Half his life ago, Barney made a choice.

Clint doesn’t know that SHIELD and HYDRA are both going up in flames.

Barney makes his choice and he knows with his dying breath that it’s the right one this time.


“Fuck, Tasha, what the hell is going on!” Clint yells into the phone, on the run from half the Russian mob.

He survives.


In half a year, all of the bodies will finally be identified.

Clint won’t know what to think, but Tasha will let him wrap his arms around her, and Cap will put a hand on his shoulder, and Stark will pour the beer.


Thirty years ago, Clint’s parents died and his brother woke him up from an exhausted slumber to say, “C’mon, Clint, we gotta go! They’re gonna separate us!”

Clint followed him.

Title: reach for the top of the sky
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural
Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Carly Simon
Warnings: goes AU during SN season 5 and post-season 7 BtVS
Pairings: pre-Jo/Faith
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 400
Point of view: third
Prompt: BtVS/Supernatural, Jo/Faith, Faith kind of has a thing about tiny vicious blonde girls

She's always liked blondes. She tried so hard to impress B in the early days, but B didn't buy it for very long, and then -- well, things got a little fucked up.

Then prison, and then The First, and things are better now. B's a sister, like all Slayers are sisters, and Faith's fine with that. And, yeah, so she fantasizes a little, what of it? B knows that slaying makes 'em all horny and hungry.

So anyway, Red’s alarm system pinged the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere, as the congruence (or somethin’ like that?) of some mystical whammy thing, and Faith just happened to be the closest. She’s got a charm she’ll have to drop blood on if things go sideways and she needs help, but she’s one of the Two – there ain’t really much she and B can’t handle, these days.

Or, well, so she thought.


“What the fuckin’ fuck?” the superstrong brunette hottie says, staring past Jo with wide eyes.

“Stare later, run now!” Jo shouts, grabbing the woman’s arm and tugging at her.

The black dog on steroids is howling as its tree-trunk sized legs eat up the ground. She’s pretty sure it’s one of Crowley’s experiments, but she’d need one of the angels to be sure, and they’re all busy with the boys somewhere, so –

“Run!” she shouts again, and decides not to fight when the superstrong hottie scoops her up and books it.


“Faith,” she says as she sets the blonde even smaller than B down.

“Jo,” the blonde says. “Here’s what I know.”


Fire’s a pretty good go-to, but Faith summons some uber-powerful good witch, who de-magic’s the black dog and he goes back to being a medium-sized mutt that Jo –

Well, okay, yeah, her heart melts, and there’s no such thing as bad dogs. She makes sure to send word to the boys, too, because they love dogs even more than she does, and it’d be nice if one of them punched Crowley right in his smirking mouth.


“So,” Faith says, leaning against Jo’s car. “Where to next, JoJo?”

Jo smiles at her, the dog (named Hunter by Jo) frolicking around her legs. “Well, there’s a poltergeist in Tulsa acting up, if that’s not too small fry for a Slayer?”

Faith slowly drags her gaze from Jo’s beat-up boots to her eyes. “Nothin’s too small fry for me, babe,” she says.

Title: in the east of Eden planted
Fandom: Marvel movies/Supernatural
Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Milton
Warnings: AU for Avengers movieverse
Pairings: none
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 345
Point of view: third
Prompt: MCU, Clint Barton,This video

Clint Barton survives. Whatever happens, he lives through it. He flourishes in suffering.

He's given the choice to join SHIELD or be executed for the vast amount of assassinations he'd completed.

"Well, guess I'm joinin' SHIELD," he tells Coulson, the stiff in a suit who's 'recruiting' him.

Clint Barton survives. The price of that survival doesn’t really bother him all that much.


Clint Barton has an older brother who betrays him.

He won't know for many years why it feels so familiar.


Clint Barton jumps off buildings and thinks for just a moment that he should be able to fly.


“You have heart,” the alien god-prince says and Clint hears a voice like thunder murmuring you always have.


Tasha hits him really hard in the head.

There is a tree somewhere in the world that grew too tall too quickly, that grows without enough water to feed a weed. There is never enough sunlight but still the tree grows.

Clint wakes up and he wants to say it was too easy but there is still an alien god-prince in need of defeating, and there is a voice like thunder chuckling slow and deep and wide as the sky.

There is a tree.

Two alien god-princes return to their homeland and Clint kisses Tasha’s forehead and he doesn’t tell SHIELD goodbye.


Clint Barton survives.

There is a tree waiting and he dreams of flying.


Clint walks through the desert and neither hunger nor thirsts. His skin doesn’t burn. He leaves no footprints.

Clint stands in front of the tree, hearing wingbeats, and reaches out.

He stands in the midst of the maelstrom as thunder fills the air.

“Oh,” he says as the world settles. “Well, this’d been useful a couple weeks ago.”


He could return to Heaven. Or perhaps storm Hell and rescue –

But no. He’ll do none of that. There is nothing in Heaven he wants and nothing in Hell he needs.

Azrael leapt from Heaven and cast everything away.

Clint Barton walks out of the desert and the voice like thunder promises, in time.

Title: to endlessly wonder whatever happened to the night, the dark and mastered air
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Diane Lockward
Warnings: AUish; references to violence
Pairings: Jefferson/Grace’s mother
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 610
Point of view: third
Prompt: any, any, "You can't just build a boat and hope darkness magically sails away in it."

Rochelle dies in Regina’s realm and it is a warning that Jefferson heeds. Their daughter cries as Jefferson carries her away, and the hatbox is heavier than it should be on his back.

He swears as he walks to never use it again.


Grace doesn’t understand why all her toys are gone, why her mother’s jewelry is no longer there, why they can’t live in their manor anymore. Most of all, she doesn’t understand where Rochelle is. She sobs herself to sleep because Jefferson doesn’t sing the songs right, doesn’t have her very favorite story memorized quite the way Rochelle did, and cannot cook Grace’s breakfast pastries the same way.

He does his best and he knows it is not enough.


Rumpelstiltskin tries to hire him for a job. Jefferson says no.

Regina sends word that she has a task for him. Jefferson grabs Grace and runs again.


He wishes he could bury the hat and forget the location but he knows that would be unsafe. Things that are hidden are always found, and the rules are simple, unbreakable.

So no matter where they go, he brings with him the hat and he keeps the vow to never use it.


Grace stops asking for her mother.

Regina stops seeking him.


For seven years, Jefferson lives the life of a pauper, happy with his daughter. He forages for mushrooms, which Grace knows about, and pickpockets travelers, which she doesn’t. He was a thief long before he mastered the hat.

But Regina knows how to strike where it hurts, and his weakest points, as she always did.


The Queen of Hearts is evil in a way Regina isn’t.

There are a dozen people Jefferson actively hates, and he dreams of tearing them all apart while he makes hat after hat after hat.


It never works in Wonderland, of course. Jefferson’s magic never has there.

But he wakes up in a land called Maine with the memories of two lives in his head, and he watches every year as the odd technology grows ever more intricate. He learns much, studies the town and all its inhabitants, and he sleeps.


With hindsight, he figures it all out.

He should have used the hat one last time and gone to a world no one else could reach. The rules are simple. Unbreakable. He broke them and this is his punishment.


Rochelle died, and with her Jefferson’s will to fight. Meeting her had changed him from a rogue into a good man, and losing her… Regina tells him he doesn’t have it in him to kill. He did, once. He did terrible things. Regina knew him as a thief, and so did Rumpelstiltskin. The Queen of Hearts knew him as a hatter.

He’s done nothing for over thirty years.


“Papa!” Grace shouts and he scoops her up, holds her as tight as he can.

There is magic again, and the rules are both unbreakable and simple.


There once was a boy who found a magic hat haunted by a ghost; the ghost told him the rules and guided him through the first few jumps. The ghost warned him, too, about what would happen if the rules were broken.

Jefferson has spent long enough doing nothing.


Regina once told him he didn’t have the strength to kill. The Queen of Hearts called him a fool and a coward.

He has his daughter back and now the Queen of Hearts is in the same world as her, and that is unacceptable.


“Magic has a price,” the ghost tells the broken man who was once a laughing boy.

“I’ve already paid it,” the man replies, flipping the hat onto his head.

Title: In the Deepest Waters
Original fairy tale, gen, PG
250 words
Prompt: Any, any, when the last of his dreams has died

In time, she'll understand. Her parents angered a good fairy, a creature of starlight and waterfalls. Her parents made a mistake. They'd planned for the bad fairies, but a good one? Such a thing cannot be planned for.

She was never meant to go near water, and it should have not have been hard. Her parents' realm is in the mountains, and they sent her north to escape the curse.

There are deep lakes, in the mountains. Older than national borders. Older than bloodlines. There are lakes and a fairy’s wrath is vast.


In time, she’ll forgive. There are realms beneath the water and they have magick that the landfolk cannot understand.

She sinks to the bottom of the lake and she sleeps. She sleeps for centuries.


In time, she’ll walk out of the water. The mountains will be shorter, the lake shallower. She will have magick of her own, though by that point, it will not matter. Fairies live for eons, but the Sea Witch is ancient.

She dreamt of her bloodline and she is now the very last of all.

There is a curse attached to a princess, a scared girlchild who did not understand. That girlchild drowned in the deepest lake in the oldest mountains. What is left is the bride of the Sea Witch’s favorite son, with a magick as vast as the ocean and a rage as cold as the depths.


In time, she will calm and thaw and become beloved.

In time.


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Feb. 28th, 2015 03:07 pm (UTC)
Heartbreaking that Clint feels such a loss though both have made their choices *hugs him*

Re: Faith & Jo - so shipping it 8D <3<3
Mar. 1st, 2015 04:27 am (UTC)

Thank you for reading!
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