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So, this year alone, I've apparently posted over 128,000 words of fanfic. I've been working on something that broke 50,000 words yesterday, and I'm 7000 words into the next chapter of something else. Of course, when I counted that, I only looked at fics that topped 8000 words, so everything below that wasn't counted.

It also doesn't include any of the stuff I've written for school, but I'll be turning in a rough draft of four chapters of my thesis next week, and altogether, that's about 30,000 words.

This has apparently been the year of me working on long fics. Of course, none of the above included fics begun in previous years and finished (or realizing they will never be finished) this year, so it doesn't have any of my long Marvel movie crossovers or the two epic Marvel movie fics.

Anyway, the epic I'm working on now - it's, of course, a 1D fic but as it's a fantasy AU, I have been considering turning it into something original. It would literally only require changing some of the names (of places and people) and throwing in physical descriptions of people. I'm already at 50,000 words and the plot is JUST BEGINNING to take off. I'm actually really proud of the plot twist that'll happen at some point.

I just hope I can actually finish it. I've been working on it since mid-October, and I now have a month between semesters. I'm planning to get some real work done on it.

So, yeah. If I include the fantasy AU and the 7,000 words I haven't posted yet of the shifter AU (and all the small(ish) things I haven't counted, and my thesis), I've written upwards of 200,000 words this year. I know that's not a lot compared to some people, but it just seems like a lot to me.

And then, I had a group project this semester. We had to complete basically a mini-thesis (it was for the research class that teaches grad students how to do a thesis, which should be taken by at least the third semester. I took it the semester before I'm set to defend my thesis. yay.), which of course required research and interviews and writing. We each interviewed 5 people; I had all five of my interviews transcribed for the class we were supposed to bring 1 in and have at least 3 transcribed. (No one else in my group had even that done.) We met one Sunday, and everyone was to bring everything they had. I'd already written 13 pages, analyzing my interviews. I literally just sat down and wrote it like it was a story, because it's what I'd done for my actual thesis. All five of them acted like it was some amazing thing, but I just... sat down and wrote. It took maybe a day, interspersed of course with work, school, reading.

I really don't think I realized until then that some people find writing hard. Like, I don't enjoy writing for school (usually) but it's still easy. Even when I don't believe in what I'm writing, I can do it. And some people just can't.

*shrugs* I don't even know what my point was. I guess I just thought I'd left behind people being fairly poor writers in undergrad, and so it's been shocking to me throughout my 3 years in grad school that some people are still struggling with it, especially since most of my classmates have been teachers of some kind. I hadn't expected to still be one of the best writers in my classes, but I usually am. And it feels kind of arrogant to think that, much less put it down on paper, but I've read their stuff. Sometimes it's not really bad, but I just honestly expected most of it to be better than okay.

I suppose... sometimes I think I'm not that good of a writer. And then I'll pick up an actual published book and wonder how on earth it got published. Or I'll peer-review in class, or edit together six different people's analysis for a mini-thesis, and honestly... when I'm editing, I'm as objective as I can be, and in a group of six people (5 Master's students, one Ph.D.) mine was objectively the best. One person was good, 3 others were okay, and there was one that was just bad. And we're graduate students. I just thought everyone would be good at writing.

But I've completely lost track of where this was going. So, if you've read this far, thanks, I guess.


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Dec. 13th, 2015 02:47 am (UTC)
Your thoughts on writing and other people's writing are pretty much mine.
Dec. 14th, 2015 05:09 pm (UTC)

Just - if they've made it all the way to grad school, why aren't more of them at least decent writers?
Dec. 14th, 2015 06:29 pm (UTC)
I know. How can these grammatical errors still exist on this level in the English Department?
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