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poem: past tense

Totally forgot I wrote this.

Title: past tense
Written: December 14, 2015

You’re a story that I read
Again and again
Hoping in vain for the end to change
But it never does

I counted down the hours
‘til you were gone
And now every week
I stop by your stone with your favorite flowers

You’re a song that I skip on the radio
‘cause I just can’t take the words
I listened once and it burned
I can’t even hum along

I want to remember how you used to laugh
How it filled up the house
And I wasn't so sad

I want to remember how you danced
Spinning ‘round ‘til you collapsed

I want to remember the way your eyes would smile
Every time you planned a surprise
And I always found out
You were such a terrible liar

I still don't know how you hid it for months
You were saying goodbye all that time
And I never heard ‘til the last

I tell you this every week rain or shine
I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it
But I just can’t stop the tide

I wish sometimes we could trade places
But I’m not sure I ever mean it
I wouldn’t want you to feel this way

You’re a story I read again and again
Praying the end will change
But I still cry as I turn that page
And it never does


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