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Title: to ride
Fandom: Leverage
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: canon compliant AU (I assume); references to violence/death
Pairings: canon
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 640
Point of view: third
Prompt: Leverage, ensemble, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Job

They've existed since the beginning, of course, though their forms varied. There were entire ages where they never met up, just went about their mortal lives from birth until death, only to start the cycle over. Over and over and over again, until the call was sounded. For entire ages, the call was not sounded.

Did they know? Not entirely.

Had they met up in any of those lives, perhaps they might've.

They were not meant to meet up this life, either. Oops.


Death wakes first, of course. He (for he is a he, this life) stretches inside his mortal shell until the body awakens, too, on a cot inside a mortal hospital, and the mortal does not fight as he is guided by mortal police officers to a chair in room that contains—

Oh, how lovely, Death thinks, looking at his sibling. How interesting.

Death awakens a mere blink before any of the others, but it is years in time the way mortals count it.


Famine is next, of course. His (for he is a he, this life) mortal shell is in the midst of planning, hungering for alcohol, hungering for touch, hungering for vengeance and pain and blood, oceans of it—and Famine awakens. The mortal shell barely pauses, but Famine notices that only one of the team seems to catch it, and Famine watches Eliot Spencer smile, for a bare instant, before Eliot turns to poke Hardison into paying attention.

Which are you? Famine wonders, settling down to listen to the shell plan and plot.


The third is Pestilence, the youngest by far (though still, of course, older than any mortal could ever comprehend), and he (for he is a he, this life) stirs inside his shell as the shell tears through database after database downloading what is needed and infesting the rest with a virus so clever none of the mortals will even notice for weeks. “Parker, babe,” the mortal shell says, “get out of there, get goin’, damnit, girl,” and Pestilence listens as Parker shouts back, “Trying!”

“Eliot, can you get to her?” the shell asks, and when Eliot replies, “On the way, Hardison,” Pestilence shivers in delight because he knows that voice, has known it since he first was born, back in the beginning of it all.


War awakens fourth, in a mortal shell that has wandered the world inciting riots and breaking hearts. She (for she is a she, this life) has rarely noticed and cared less at the destruction in her wake, and now, peering out of the shell’s eyes, War grins for she is in the midst of a game that is so dangerous, and across the room, War sees the mortal shell’s teammate, and there is a twist of his lips that she knows.


The last is Conquest.

She (for she is a she, this life) awakens while the mortal shell is falling eighteen floors, Hardison and Sophie yelling in her ears, Nate trying desperately to save the job, and then Eliot says simply, “It’s time.”

Everything goes quiet and Conquest opens her eyes to see the ground coming ever closer. She twists midair, in a way the shell could’ve done anyway, but lands on her feet without injury, which the shell could not have.

“Are we riding?” she asks, aching to swoop over a battered nation and settle into the blood-soaked earth.

“Not yet,” the eldest of them all says. “But now that we’re all here, we can plan a bit.”

Conquest smiles, settling back into the corner of the shell’s mind. Parker won’t even wonder how she’d landed and the job continues.


Sophie and Nate retire, though of course they still liberate things they want; Hardison, Parker, and Eliot still work, providing leverage for those who need it.

Maybe they won’t ride in this life, or maybe they will.

Title: how this story goes
Prompt: any, any/any, I love you doesn't mean I'll never leave you
Written December 2, 2015

when i whispered how much i adored you
i didn't mean i'd always stay with you
when i held you so tight
i didn't mean i would never let go
i know what you heard
i know what i said
i never used the word forever
but oh i love you so
part of me wants to stay
but i know how this story goes

i love you
and that means i'm gone
and you'll move on
and maybe i will one day too
and you'll remember me
maybe with love turned to hatred
and that's okay
'cause one day it'll be indifference

i never used the word forever
i'm sorry you heard it in my touch
i never promised to stay
i never thought i would
i won't say it's for the best
but it is

part of me wants to stay
but we're so bad together
i promise even though you can't see it now
one day you'll look back and understand
i love you but i'll move on
you love me and so will you

i never said forever
and my arms ache to hold you
but if i stayed
i know how that story goes

Title: legacy
Fandom: Chuck/White Collar
Warnings: way future!fic; implied character death; AUish as I’ve never finished either sieres
Pairings: Sarah/Chuck, Elizabeth/Peter
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 230
Point of view: third
Prompt: Chuck/White Collar, Neal Burke + Bryce Bartowski, they're best friends but they don't know that they were both named after the same man

They meet at Yale, in the library, where they both reach for the same book and Bryce gets there first because he's taller.

They argue over the book, because even though Bryce has his hands on it, Neal explains that he'd entered the library looking for it first, therefore it's his.

Bryce, completely underwhelmed by this argument, makes a counteroffer.

By the end of the afternoon, they're drinking mochas at Starbucks together and mocking passersby, and sharing glances out the corner of their eyes.

They have a lot in common, as it turns out. Neal's dad was an FBI agent till he retired while Bryce's parents once worked for the CIA. They're also both named for a friend their parents' lost, and isn't that just bizarre.

By the end of the week, it's like they've known each other their entire lives, and Neal has talked his mom's ear off about this amazing guy he met, and Bryce has tried to not tell his pops about his new friend but Pops got it out of him anyway.

(It'll be nearly a decade before the Burkes stay with the Bartowskis in the week leading up to the wedding, and Peter will notice that one picture Chuck has of his best friend, and neither of them will realize that Neal Caffrey and Bryce Larkin weren't twins—but it's the story they settle on for the kids.)

Title: When I Wake
Prompt: Any, any, What am I to do with all this silence?
Written: December 6, 2015

The house is quiet now
I can't hear your laughter in the walls
It's all in shadows now
I dream and cry 'cause you're gone when I wake
You're gone when I wake

I go hours without a sound
Can't stand the TV anymore
The radio is never on
It's all quiet now

Sometimes I shout
But usually it's silent
All the sound in the world went out
I don't know how to bring it back
Everyone told me I should move on
Step into the world again
But how can I
How can I when you're gone

I took down all the pictures
I can't eat your favorite foods
It wasn't my fault they said
How can I believe that
How can I when you're gone

It's all so quiet now
A nightmare I'll never wake from
It's all so hauntingly silent

Title: untitled
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Warnings: supernatural AU
Pairings: none
Rating: PG
Point of view: third
Prompt: Gilmore Girls. Rory (+any). Supernatural AU (as in the genre, not necessarily the TV show)

"So, we've got vampires on one side and werewolves on the other," Mom says.

Rory nods, so Mom asks, "And we're gonna somehow get them to become friends again?"

Rory nods a second time and Mom sighs, "I need coffee. Can we continue this at Luke's?"

“Uh, yeah, about that…” Rory says. “Um, about Luke.”

Mom raises an eyebrow. “What, is he a zombie or something? A demon? A witch?”

Rory chews on her bottom lip, pointedly looking away from Mom. “Rory,” Mom says sharply.

“It’s definitely something he should tell you himself,” Rory says. “C’mon, let’s go get coffee.”


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Feb. 28th, 2016 01:23 pm (UTC)
Now that's an interesting take on Four Horsemen, and quite awesome too :)

That Neal/Bryce thing was quite funny - it did take me a minute to realise what it really was about :P XD

*cheers at Rory/Mom* I really want more *grins* <3
Feb. 29th, 2016 07:55 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much!
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