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comment_fic 1191: 1D RPF

Title: I saw you as you were
Fandom: One Direction RPF
Disclaimer: as the humans are real, they belong to themselves; the daemons are mine. Title from Anne Sexton
Warnings: daemon AU, bullying and prejudice references
Pairings: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 965
Point of view: third
Prompt: Author's choice, author's choice, (though I was thinking of SPN canon where soulmates share a heaven), soulmates daemons settle as exactly the same animal.

Note: I want to expand on this. I might, after I finish the fantasy AU, the shifter AU, and the asexual incubus AU. *shrugs*

Ianthe settled when Louis was thirteen, and no one in Doncaster had any clue what she was. She looked quite similar to a cat, but also to a ferret or weasel or even badger, but had the coloring of a lion, and to be quite honest, before it became annoying, the guessing game people went through amused them both.

But eventually, it got annoying. And a bit hurtful.

Mum and Dad had stared while Rhya tried grooming Ianthe, but she pulled away and ran up Louis’ body to stretch across his shoulder, and then Caelon said, “Well, at least she’s settled now.”

Before settling, Ianthe liked trying on fantastical shapes. Apparently only Louis enjoyed that month she was a basilisk.

“But you know what you are?” Louis asked the first night, Ianthe curled up on the pillow beside him.

“Of course I do,” she said, sounding offended.

“Well?” he asked, poking at her.

She snapped playfully at him before saying, “I’m a fossa, silly boy.”

The next day at school, he stole into the library and looked that up. But he still never told people when they tried to guess.

Most people had birds or dogs or cats, and even looking through the daemon dictionaries didn’t reveal more than one or two fossas. Louis decided to take pride in it; his soul was unique. And while some of the kids at school (and some of the teachers) tried giving him grief about it, he did his best to ignore it.


“What d’you think?” he asked Ianthe as they hid away in the toilets at bootcamp, trying to find a moment’s peace in all the madness.

“I think we haven’t got a shot,” she said, rubbing her cheek against his. “But it is fun.”

“Yeah,” he whispered, letting his head gently bang against the wall. After he got cut, he’d go back to Doncaster and really try to have a go at being an adult now, no matter how terrifying it seemed.

“You know you’re crouched in the corner of the men’s toilet, right?” Ianthe asked after a moment. “’s’bit gross, Lewis.”

He laughed, pushing himself up at the same moment a boy burst through the door. Louis quickly looked away, heading over to the basin and mirror to make sure his hair still looked right. He was just about to wash his hands and leave when Ianthe launched herself off his shoulder.

Louis tried to catch her but she landed, rushing straight for the boy. “Ianthe!” he said, hurrying after her, causing the boy to turn in shock and pee right on Louis’ shoe. “What the fuck?” Louis said, ducking back to avoid getting any more pee on him.

“She’s like me!” Ianthe shouted, and both Louis and pee-boy looked down.

There were two fossas on the floor sniffing at each other.

“Um,” the boy said, turning back to finish his business.

Louis waited until he’d zipped up to look at him again – he was the curly-haired boy from the line, the one with the amazing audition.

“Harry!” the boy’s daemon said. “She’s like me!”

Louis chuckled softly, holding out his hand. “’m’Louis,” he said. “I saw your audition; you smashed it.”

“Thanks,” Harry said, grinning and shaking his hand. “I’m Harry, which Vesha already told you.”

“I can tell you now, you’re gonna win,” Louis added, going back to the basin so he could get a few wipes and try to clean off his shoe.

Harry followed him. “I doubt that very much,” he said, grabbing more wipes.

“Don’t doubt yourself!” Louis ordered. “You’re gonna win it all and travel the world, become a household name. They’d be stupid to not see it.” Harry just shook his head, offering the wipes. “Look, since you don’t believe me,” Louis said, “I’ll get your autograph, the first of millions. And one day, when you’re sellin’ out stadiums and I’m back in Donny doin’ something, I’ll sell that autograph for 18 million pounds.”

Harry laughed. “Have you got any paper, then?”

“Not in here, no, but I’m sure I can find some.” Louis tossed the wipes and glanced back at Ianthe and Vesha. “C’mon, Ianthe.” He looked at Harry. “I want a picture, too. We’ll do this proper.”

Harry’s grin was perhaps the most beautiful thing Louis had ever seen.


No one could tell Ianthe and Vesha apart except Louis and Harry. Not even the fans, though they tried. (Of course, the boys’ daemons could, but they didn’t ruin the fun.) And when things were especially rough, when Louis wanted to run away from the flashing lights and intrusive questions, from the smear campaigns and the lies, Vesha would crawl onto his shoulder and tuck up against his ear, and she’d hum his and Harry’s favorite song. On those days, Ianthe would curl up against Harry and whisper promises.

There were interviews where the daemon on Louis’ shoulder was Harry’s and the daemon stretched across Harry’s lap was Louis’, and they were the only ones to know it. And after everything was through, when James Corden asked during the first interview post-coming out, “You’d think it’d be obvious, wouldn’t you – the whole Larry Stylinson thing, I mean.”

“Well, I’ve thought so for nearly six years, James,” Louis said, one hand holding Harry’s and the other stroking across Vesha’s spine. Ianthe was on Harry’s shoulder, grooming his curls. Louis smirked, tilting his head to look directly at one of the cameras. “Bet you can’t tell which is mine and which is his.”

James laughed. “That’s exactly what I mean! It’s an old legend, isn’t it, that soulmates have identical daemons?”

“Legend or not,” Harry said, smiling, “I’d call it true.”

The audience cooed at them and one of the women shouted, “That’s yours on his shoulder!”

Louis laughed, which he supposed was confirmation enough.


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