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Title: untitled
Fandom: Peter Pan (2003)
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: spoilers
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 85
Prompt: Peter Pan, Peter/Wendy, You can't marry anyone else.

"Don't grow up," he begs as they fly back to London. "Promise you won't ever marry anyone else. I'll come back."

"I have to grow up, Peter," she murmurs, tears falling off her face to disappear amongst the stars. "It's why I'm going home."

He doesn't understand, of course. He never will, while he refuses to.

"You can't marry anyone else," he says, angry and scared.

"Of course," she replies, and while Michael and John and the others land, she gives him one last kiss.

Title: pure as snow
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: not my characters, except for the daemon
Warnings: daemon AU; references to blood/death/violence
Pairings: none
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 280
Point of view: third
Prompt: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Drusilla + Angelus, Drusilla's fate was sealed from the moment Angelus set eyes on her daemon, a unicorn

In life, Drusilla had never been alone. Adalaun had always been with her, shifting forms with her moods until just after her thirteenth birthday, when he settled. He'd helped ground her when the future intruded, had always placed his head on her shoulder and murmured songs, anchoring her to the present. And then he settled as the most beautiful creature she'd ever seen, delicate yet strong, an iridescent silver that caught everyone's eye, with a single horn spiraling from his head.

"A unicorn?" she'd laughed, delighted. He'd tossed his head, mane fluttering.

Unicorns were rare, according to Papa. Mum thought it must mean she was gifted.

Adalaun had chased her around the garden, had chased her brothers and sisters, had proudly stood beside her when the men came to test them and then left.

Her life continued on, with the future intruding as it willed and Adalaun always giving her something to hold onto when the voices tried calling her away.

It was Adalaun who noticed the woman watching them, the woman without a daemon.

It was Adalaun who shouted, "Don't let him in!" when Papa opened the door to the man without a daemon.

It was Adalaun who fought, who screamed, while their family died.

It was Adalaun who begged, "Drusilla! Don't let go!" while the woman kept him away as the man drained her dry.

It was Adalaun who disappeared, leaving Drusilla all alone.

(She sees the man running along the street, a silver unicorn keeping pace alongside him.

"What should we do, Miss Edith?" she asks.

Miss Edith isn't as clever as Adalaun, but she does suggest following the man.

"I think I will," Drusilla decides.)

Title: Selkie Wife
Fandom: folktale
Warnings: referenced marital rape

Part of this

Prompt: any, any,
may came home with a smooth round stone
as small as a world and as large as alone.

For whatever we lose(like a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves we find in the sea
- e.e. cummings

She'd always been drawn to the sea. Her brothers went out to fish with their father, and she stayed at home to help Mama, but sometimes, Mama would release her from her chores, something sad about her, and say, "Go play in the waves, little love."

Mama never went near the shore. She'd tell stories about the ocean, but she wouldn't even step onto to the beach. So she brought the ocean to Mama instead, shells and rocks she'd find, small pieces of driftwood, little things that caught her eye, that she thought Mama would like.

Whenever she ran into town to pick up spices or cloth (Mama didn't like going into town, either), she'd still hear the waves, still hear the tide. Whenever a storm blew in, she'd settle with Mama in the innermost room of their home, while her brothers talked about their catch (fish or women, it wasn't clear) and Papa told Mama about how the ocean had been.

Thankfully, storms didn't blow in often, but even while listening to the roaring wind above them, something about the crashing waves was soothing.

"It'll be alright, little love," Mama promised, even though she was nearly thirteen, now, and Papa had been talking about finding her a husband.

It's not on the shore, that she finds the box with the fur hidden inside. She'd been wandering high up away from town, the furthest from the ocean she'd been in all her years, but there was a faint noise she'd followed, similar to the ocean, to the heartbeat she heard at night while trying to sleep.

The box is old, the lock easily breakable, and she smells the sea as she flips the lid open.

The fur is the most luxurious thing she's ever touched, so she brings it home to Mama.

Title: Lay Down (and sleep)
Written: April 6, 2016
Prompt: Any, Any, The "peace of the grave" is a lie.

lay down your head and sleep
they preach
rest because the work is done
rest because your sorrows are through
rest because peace awaits
with no more tomorrows ahead

lay down your head and sleep
they promise

what they don't tell you
is that there is no peace
no silence no rest
what they don't tell you
is that once you're laid down
all you have is endless tomorrows
and knowing that you'll never have another chance

what they don't tell you
is that regrets are forever

lay down your head and sleep
they preach
not knowing in the way of the living
that it is a sorrowful lie

the living say
lay down your head and sleep
the dead cry
oh don't wish your life away

Warnings: references to violence/death
Prompt: any. any. Family means inside squabbling, but always presenting an unified front.

"Hey, Katie-cat," Liza said as cheerfully as she could once her sister finally answered the phone.

"What's wrong?" Kate demanded immediately. Liza had expected—well, orders to stay away and a quick hang-up. "Elizabeth," Kate said, when Liza stayed silent. "You haven't talked to me in almost three years. Debbie has to carry messages, remember? So you tell me right now what. is. wrong?"

Liza looked down at the floor, which was squeaky-clean after nearly four hours of scrubbing the house top to bottom. "Debbie has an infant," she said after a moment. "I can't... I can't pull her into this."

Debbie was the middle child, ever the peacekeeper. She was happy and bright, a librarian, married for nearly five years. Debbie was normal, like their father had wanted. Didn't have Mom's... eccentricities.

Liza had taken to Mom's teachings like she never had anything else, despite stints in volleyball and working for the school paper. Kate had run away at the first opportunity.

She'd never been sure who cut who out first, but for their parents' sake, they'd pretended for years to still be as close as when they were girls. With Mom and Dad both gone, though, it had fallen to Debbie to make sure everyone knew what was going on in each other's lives.

Once, Liza had worshiped her oldest sister. Once, Kate had doted on her.

"Tell me," Kate commanded now. She'd worked her way through two husbands, had no children, had just finished a Ph.D. in mathematics, seeking the normality Debbie had mastered.

"I need your help," Liza admitted. "I don't know what to do."

She leaned against the wall before quickly pushing off, because the bastard's screams were still caught in it. "I know we've had our differences," she began, but Kate cut her off.

"Where are you?"

Liza took a deep breath. "I don't want to get you in trouble," she started over.

"Elizabeth Jane," Kate said, cutting her off again. "Tell me where you are right now so that I can come help you."

Nearly thirty years old and her first instinct was still to call her big sister. "I'm in Omaha," she murmured. "I've fucked up. But I can't pull Debbie into this, it'll ruin her life." Debbie with her adorable daughter, Debbie with her terribly boring life.

"Are you somewhere safe?" Kate asked next.

His screams were still caught in the walls. "It is now," she said. "I can wait for you here. Are you actually coming?"

"I'll be on the earliest flight I can get," Kate promised. She hesitated and Liza just breathed in, breathed out, and then Kate said, "I learned, too, you know, even though I hated it. Just sit tight and I'll call you when I land."

"And you won't tell Debbie?" Liza begged.

"Of course I won't." Kate sounded almost offended. "I'm the oldest, I'll take care of everything, alright?"

The floor had been scrubbed clean, the furniture stacked for burning. "I'll wait," Liza said. "Just..." Fuck, she was going to start crying again.

"Everything will be fine," Kate murmured. "I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Okay." Liza breathed in, breathed out. "Text me when you land, I'll send you the address."

"I love you," Kate said. She hung up before Liza could say it back.


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Jun. 16th, 2016 12:46 pm (UTC)
Poor Peter Pan. He doesn't understand, but would it hurt more if he did? :-/

Jun. 17th, 2016 02:52 am (UTC)

Peter Pan's entire existence is a tragedy he'll never understand. I've loved the 2003 movie since it came out but I didn't really get the message behind the story until I read the book a couple years ago.
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