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Title: someone worth fighting for
Fandom: One Direction RPF
Disclaimer: they’re real people who belong to themselves
Warnings: references to forceful closeting
Pairings: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 245
Point of view: third
Prompt: any - any - the fire within

In the beginning, it's easy to watch wide-eyed as Simon guides them through the process, as the writers and producers and choreographers and stylists order them about, as they're managed by those who are older and wiser and only want what's best for their career.

Career, mind.

In the beginning, Louis listens and watches and remembers, and picks his battles very wisely.

In the beginning, no one tells him that the greatest threat to their career is his excited exploration of Harry's body, is laughing kisses and fingers tangling in Harry's curls, is the lyrics that he can't stop writing and singing into Harry's skin, is a love so overwhelmingly vast that it's almost frightening.

Almost, mind.

In the beginning, Louis is just another boybander with an expiration date and a team that will extract as much blood as possible.

In the beginning, when everything is new and bright, Louis can't imagine how far things will go. Can't imagine the demands and expectations, the rage and grief. Can't imagine how strong he'll have to be, how determined, how stubborn.

In the beginning, Louis will have no idea that he'll be told to sever all public ties to his other half, or that he'll look at the group of people with only the best for his career in mind and think i'll give you a war.

In the beginning, Louis chooses his battles very carefully, and wages them quietly or loudly, depending. That never changes.

Title: subsist on the light
Fandom: Disney’s Sleeping Beauty
Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Denise Levertov
Warnings: modern-day AU
Pairings: Phillip/Aurora, Stefan/Leah
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 660
Point of view: third
Prompts: Any (except supernatural), Any robot/any, how does a robot fall in love? ; any fairy tale, any, robot AU

It is a long, protracted, absolutely perfect argument that finally allows her to attend university. The humans she calls her parents are worried but her father ensures that the paperwork is flawless and her mother takes her shopping for everything a freshman would need.

She herself is nervous but she's read every academic article on students, watched all the films and television shows, devoured several hundred fiction and nonfiction texts. (There is so much time available humans cannot utilize due to their need for sleep.)

She had been created because her parents could not have a child. Once she'd attained a certain level of self-awareness, she'd wondered why they didn't just adopt a human child. Or employ a surrogate. She has never asked.

She has always looked the same: a blonde human girl of around 18 years, tall and thin, pale, with blue eyes identical to her 'mother's. Her cheekbones are her 'father's. They crafted her to resemble them the way a biological child was most likely to. She was designed to go through all the stages of development, which is why she was surprised that her parents never expected her to attend university.

She loves to learn. She loves to watch people. She loves to play with dogs and pet cats and ride horses. She loves dancing in the rain.

Do you understand what 'love' is? her mother asked her once. Her father never seemed to hesitate in treating her the way she's learned humans treat their daughters. Her mother sometimes did. Perhaps because they had been unable to hold her when she was younger? Physically, she's always been the same size. Mentally, emotionally—emotionally? she'd heard her mother yell once. it's wires and plastic, Stefan! It is not a child.

She is more than wires and plastic, though; she has synthetic flesh, yes, but a heart that beats. She is a perfect facsimile of a human woman of 18.

Love, she thinks, gazing around the center of campus, where students are hurrying to and fro, talking with companions, stretching out on the grass. As far as her research has determined, not even humans fully understand 'love', though they bandy the term around constantly.

"Excuse me," a pleasant, mid-range male voice calls from behind her. "Can I help you find something?"

Smiling, she turns.

"She's dreaming," they tell him, escorting him from the room where she's tucked under blankets. "Everything will be fine, sir," they promise. Her parents, her aunts, her friends—none of them meet his eyes.

He goes home. Curls up on her side of the bed. Prays.


He visits every day, whenever he's not working. Researches long into the night, reading medical journals and wikipediaing anything he doesn't understand. It's... a lot. She was always the smart one.


It doesn't make sense, any of it, and she keeps on dreaming. They don't have the money for this, but her parents are rich and they pay for most of it. They swear everything will be fine.

He only sees them in the hall outside her room, sometimes. Her kindest aunt takes him out to dinner but most of her family stays distant. It's fine.

Everything is fine. Will be fine.

I love you, she told him once. And you love me. That's all we need.


It rains the day her parents convince him to pull the plug.

She doesn't fade away.


It rains the morning he wakes up to her sitting beside him, as bright and beautiful as the day they met on the quad. She'd been wide-eyed and excited about everything, explaining she'd been very sheltered all her life. He'd escorted her around campus, delighting in her delight. He'd never met anyone like her.

"You're awake," he murmurs, sure that he's dreaming.

Her eyes are bluer than he remembers. Her hands are cold on his skin. Her bones creak when she moves, which isn't right.

"Love," she whispers, "I need to tell you something."

Title: For the bird, and the bee, and the butterfly
Fandom: Leverage
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: references to violence/death
Pairings: Hardison/Eliot/Parker, Damien Moreau/Eliot, Sophie/Nate
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 745
Point of view: third
Prompts: Leverage, Hardison/Eliot/Parker, they let Eliot think that they don't know his secrets ; Any, any, if you knew what I kind of person I am, you wouldn't want me so desperately ; Leverage, Good Guy ensemble (Eliot Spencer/Parker/Alec Hardison), Sophie figured it out long before Nate did.

Eliot thinks he's a horrible person. Alec figured that out in the first hour they knew each other. He'd known what was on record of Eliot Spencer before meeting up with the team Dubenich put together, just like he did Parker and Nathan Ford. He then went after what was supposition but without evidence.

Eliot Spencer, going by the files, is terrifying.

The man in person doesn't bear that out. Alec studies him in the early days, trying to discover what makes him tick, what would make him sing. It's a thing he does: learn everything about a subject it, master it, and move on. Before Dubenich, life had gotten boring, but this team—there's something here.

Parker is amazing but Alec knows to tread lightly. Nate is one shove away from shattering, so Alec leaves him well enough alone. But Eliot... he should be frightened to get close, should watch the man warily, shouldn't trust him at his back, same team or not. Going by the files, Eliot's a monster.

He never once feels threatened by Eliot. He has a healthy respect for the man and his quirks, but fear him? No, never. And going by how immediately Parker hangs off him, she never does either.

Eliot believes he is the man in the files. Alec has to pretend he's never read them, and it surprises him that none of the team (even Sophie) believe he wouldn't have found out every single thing about them.

(When Eliot knows Damien Moreau, Alec is thoroughly thrown. There was no hint anywhere. Watching Moreau watch Eliot, it's obvious why. The jealousy isn't surprising; the anger is. How many of Eliot's issues are because of this bastard?)

"We have to be careful," Parker tells him, once they're down the mountain. "He won't want to hurt us."

Alec's shown her the files, all of them. Hers included. "I won't ask him," Parker had said, while they were curled up in the back of the plane on the way to Moreau's country.

"No," Alec agreed. Eliot didn't want them to know, so they couldn't let him know they did.

"I don't want to hurt him, either," Alec says now, fingers resting over Parker's pulse. "You got a plan?"

Because Parker knows Eliot in a way that Alec can't. In a way that he knows neither of them ever want him to. Alec's got a lot of problems, he's willing to admit that. But he's never been broken. They both think they are; Alec knows better.

"We'll have to be slow," she says. "And quiet. Not let him know 'til it's too late and he's ours."

Alec's heard worse plans. "Alright, baby girl," he murmurs, lifting his head to smile at her. "I'll follow your lead."

The first time she notices, it's in the way Parker touches Eliot. Because Parker does not touch people.

Then, it's how Hardison watches Eliot, moves around him. She has a healthy respect for Eliot's personal space and it's not until she's learned his limits, both physically and emotionally, that she begins allowing herself close. She's sure from the moment Nate introduces her to this team that Eliot would never intentionally hurt her, but even the best hitter in the world has reflexes.

Hardison, however, from the moment she sees them interacting—she isn't sure if either them realize how familiar they seem with each other, and that never changes. Parker moves between them with ease, and that both Parker and Eliot are so free with Hardison's space...

If Nate wasn't trying to drown himself, he'd have noticed, she's sure.

It's obvious, as they chase down Damien Moreau, that Hardison and Parker will soon stop dancing around each other, and it saddens Sophie that Eliot will be left alone.

Then, of course, she watches them, in the weeks after that terrible job on the mountain, and she sometimes wants to clap her hands in delight because it's the quietest, loveliest courtship she's seen, Parker and Hardison wooing Eliot.

She will never, with 100% accuracy, be sure when Eliot finally realizes what they're doing and gives his answer, but after they pull Hardison out of the coffin, that's when she'll bet it happened.

It isn't until they leave Portland, leave Eliot and Parker and Hardison, certain that the children are ready, that Nate asks, "When did that happen?"

She laughs, resting her head on his shoulder. "It's been happening all along," she says, because emotionally, it has.

Title: untitled
Fandom: Charmed/Harry Potter
Warnings: Harry Potter’s timeline has been moved back about 12 years; Charmed’s is canon. Canon child abuse/neglect.
Pairings: canon
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 495
Point of view: third
Prompt: Charmed/Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry's rescued as a child by one or more of the Halliwell's (Grams, Patty, the Sisters).

There'd been a witch in trouble somewhere, so Leo orbed them over to England (Britain? the UK? whatever it's called) and they dealt with the demon, and while they were in a whole other country, somewhere Piper had always wanted to visit, anyway, they decided to explore a little. When they ever have the chance again?

"We could anytime," Phoebe mentioned with a smile, gesturing to Leo. "Seriously."

Piper just stuck out her tongue and started wandering along the street.


She sees him at the park, first, being knocked into the dirt by a much larger boy. He's six, maybe seven years old. He lands badly and Piper can't hear the snap but she sees him wince, sees how he curls into himself as the larger boy starts to kick him.

There are no adults in sight so Piper marches forward, shouting, "Hey!"

The larger boy runs off. The littler boy stays curled up in the dirt, not even crying. "Hey, sweetie," Piper says gently, kneeling beside him. She wonders where her sisters and Leo are; they probably convinced him to orb them to London. "Sweetie, can I see your arm?"

He slowly uncurls and blinks large green eyes at her. She smiles at him, trying to look as trustworthy as possible.

The boy holds out his arm as best he can; Piper flinches at how badly broken it is. "Doesn't that hurt?" she asks, wanting to pull him close and hold him. He shrugs. "We need to get you to a hospital," she murmurs. "Honey, what's your name?"

His close are entirely too big, and terribly dirty. He's squinting at her like he can barely see her. His shoes are falling off his feet.

"'m Boy," he says.

Behind her, Leo orbs in with Phoebe, and Phoebe is already whisper-shouting about some child in trouble they need to find.

"Oh," Phoebe whispers. "Piper, you found him!"

The boy's eyes are wide as he stares past her shoulder. "Leo," she says firmly, "I need you to heal his arm."

"Are you freaks, too?" the boy asks.

While Leo kneels beside them, Piper and Phoebe exchange glances and nod.


Before leaving, Piper investigates (with judicious use of magic and whitelighter advantages), and there is no legal identity for the boy anywhere. "He's not staying here," Prue announces after Phoebe shares her most recent premonition. Leo asks around Up There but if anyone knows anything, they don't share.

"He needs a name," Phoebe says while the boy is sleeping in the hotel room Leo acquires for them. "And we need to make everything airtight, if we're bringing him home."

"I'll call Andy," Prue offers. "Leo, let's go."

Piper scoops the boy up; it bothers all of them, how light and small he is. "This is kidnapping," Leo says while the Phoebe and Prue link hands, both touching Piper's arms.

"This is rescuing," Phoebe corrects.

Leo sighs but touches Prue's shoulder to orb them all home.

Title: blood, singing
Fandom: The Black Jewels series
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: pre-series
Pairings: none
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 85
Point of view: third
Prompt: Black Jewels series. Jaenelle Angelline + any of the kindred. Meeting new friends.

They don't recognize her at first, any of them. It's been so long since Blood have spoken to Blood of another kind—but she moves among them with ease, speaking to everyone, this little two-legged queen who feels like their own, whatever Blood they are.

Word spreads through the realm, and slowly, they come to realize who she is, why she feels so familiar, and Queen speaks to Queen, and each of them sees themselves because oh, my Lady, you are our dream.


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Jul. 13th, 2016 01:43 pm (UTC)
I can see how determined Louis can be, just from this 8D <3<3

Love how carefly Alec and Parker are, and how carefully the story goes on. Really heartwarming :) <3<3<3

And how much more different would've Harry's (and many others') life(ves) been if this here had happened. Well, at least his holidays would've been always better.
Jul. 13th, 2016 07:34 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much!

I'd planned to do more with the Charmed/HP one but totally forgot about it.
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