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Title: The mountain was a murmuring of ocean in my ear
Fandom: Despicable Me/Lilo&Stitch
Disclaimer: only Nani&David’s kids are mine; title from Sandra Liatsos
Warnings: future!fic for both; the Lilo&Stitch timeline has been pushed back by four years; only the original movies of each fandom are acknowledged (as I haven’t seen anything else in Lilo&Stitch’s canon, and I didn’t like the second Despicable Me movie)
Pairings: Edith/Lilo, Nani/David
Rating: PG
Wordcount: WIP
Point of view: third
Prompts: any, any/any, defending her girlfriend ; Any, Any, Traveling with small children and/or pets

They meet while Lilo's a sophomore and Edith's a freshman, at Cal Poly, where Lilo's going into mathematics and Edith into engineering. They both live on campus (and Lilo barely convinced Stitch to stay home this year, but thankfully, Nani needs help with her kids and there's no one better than Stitch), and they meet when Lilo is straining to reach a book on the top shelf at the library, muttering to herself about annoying tall people since Nani apparently inherited the height in the family.

"Need help?" she hears and she glares over her shoulder at the annoyingly-tall white girl with blonde hair piled messily on her head.

"No," she bites out, fully prepared to climb the shelf to get this book her professor swears will strengthen her argument.

The blonde girl smirks. "Suit yourself."


After Lilo has admitted defeat and allowed the blonde to grab the book for her, they settle at the coffee shop together. The girl finally introduces herself as Edith Gru, who is brand new to campus and excited to be away from home for the first time. They commiserate about sisters, but it's obvious that for all of Edith's grumbling, she loves Margo and Agnes as much as Lilo loves Nani.

"Did you notice you all have five-letter names?" Lilo asks.

Edith snickers. "Did you notice you and your sister have four-letter names?"


Lilo tells stories about Stitch, but she always describes him as her dog. She knows that Edith eventually catches on to the oddness, but she's not sure when. There's always the sense that Edith is holding back, too, but they have so much schoolwork that just meeting up for dinner three times a week is difficult.

She skypes home every night because Stitch still accidentally destroys phones. She doesn't realize how often she talks about Edith until Dr. Jumba asks, "And this Edith, hmm, who is she?"

"My best human friend," Lilo answers after a moment.

Stitch scoffs.

Lilo lays in bed that night, wondering.


Lilo goes home for the summer; Edith goes with her to the airport and hugs her. She swears Edith got even taller. "You'd better text me," Edith orders.

Texting all day long becomes phonecalls that last hours, whenever Stitch isn't dragging her around the island or Nani's kids aren't demanding stories and adventures.

The news of the theft of the Statue of Liberty rocks the world, so of course it's a topic of conversation. Edith just laughs while Lilo speculates, and when it's returned about a week later, Lilo muses about that, too, and Edith just hums.


It's Edith who asks, "So, you wanna be my girlfriend?" three weeks into the fall semester.


About a week before finals (and they've both already made plans to stay on-campus during the holiday), aliens attack San Luis Obispo. Edith shouts at Lilo, "Stay here!" and takes off towards the spaceship.

"What?!" Lilo demands, lunging after her to grab her arm. "You stay here!" She's already dialing Cobra Bubbles.

"I can deal with this!" Edith says, pulling some sort of laser gun from somewhere.

"Well, so can I!" Lilo shoots back. They glare at each other until Cobra Bubbles answers.

"Lilo, we're already aware of the problem," he says calmly. "Please don't go near the situation."

The students near them are panicking and Edith is staring towards the explosions with— longing? "Sorry," Lilo tells Cobra Bubbles as she hangs up. "C'mon," she says, tugging at Edith's arm, "let's go see what's happening."


"Please," Nani begs when Edith's family visits the island, the summer after Lilo graduates with plans to return for a Ph.D., "don't become a supervillain. You get in enough trouble as it is," so she definitely recognizes Edith's dad.

"Did you know he punched a shark once?" Lilo asks gleefully. "A shark! In the face!"

Nani groans, but then her youngest runs by shrieking, Stitch and Edith's dog Kyle after him, so Nani doesn't say anything else.

"You know," Edith says five hours into the flight, "Dad has a private jet we could've used."

Nani sighs heavily. David's crooning a lullaby to their youngest, barely a year old, while Stitch is trying to entertain the other three, and everyone else in first class (and Nani is SO GLAD she accepted Mr. Gru's offer to pay for first class) pretends Stitch is a dog, and Lilo's been asleep since twenty minutes in.

"Thank you, Edith," Nani says as graciously as she can because she really does like Lilo's fiancée. But while flying first class is one thing, putting her babies into that death-trap plane-thing the Grus use is not an option. She's seen the news footage.

Edith laughs quietly. "Margo's never been that fond of it, either," she confesses, like she read Nani's mind. Maybe she did. She smiles down at Lilo, who's plastered to her side the way she used to do to Nani, ages ago.

Ailani finally falls asleep in David's arms. She's usually very quiet but she apparently hates planes as much as Nani does. Akela and Hiki try slipping away, the little monsters, but Stitch is faster and catches them both up without even pulling out his extra arms. They're bigger than he is now, nearly nine, but they both laugh. The other passengers ignore it.

While Stitch is distracted with the twins, Kai manages to escape and he toddles over to Nani. "How do you keep track of them all?" Edith asks. "I mean, at least the minions are indestructible."

Nani glances at her. "Do not ever introduce them to Stitch," she orders and Edith buries her laughter in Lilo's hair.

Title: the return
Fandom: Highlander
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: future!fic, major character death
Pairings: none
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 235
Point of view: third
Prompt: Highlander, Joe Dawson + Methos, going walkabout

"Hullo, Joe. I should've come sooner, I know. Every time I think I know—after so long, I should know. You humans and your mayfly lives...

"It is a beautiful stone. You'd be pleased, I think. Your daughter did you proud.

"You were so young, Joe. Nearly eighty years old... so very young.

"I'd intended to return but I got caught up in my research. You understand, I'm sure. The children have misinterpreted so much; I had my hands full trying to guide them without being obvious about it. Such a headache.

"You know, I spent thousands of years not caring about you mortals. I just wanted to live and not get trapped. And part of it is MacLeod, I suppose. Or losing my brothers. Perhaps my final student, even.

"But part of it was you, Joe. You and Don. Richie, even. And Alexa. You and your questions. You and your understanding.

"I should've come sooner. Said goodbye. Answered one final questions of yours; I'm sure you had a good one.

"It is a beautiful stone. I'll remember you, Joe. You're in my journals, now. I know you never wanted immortality, for all that you studied it, but you have a kind of it now.

"I'll look after your daughter, for a while, at least. Consider it my apology.

"Goodbye, Joe Dawson. It'll be a long time, I fear, before I find your like again."

Title: time
Fandom: One Direction RPF
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: time travel
Pairings: Harry/Louis
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 980
Point of view: third
Prompts: Any, any + their past self, "It gets better." ; RPF, Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles, "Would you go back in time if you could?"

"Hey, what's the matter, little man?" he hears a soft voice ask, and he looks up, wiping at his eyes (big boys don't cry) and there's a stranger in his room (but the door is still closed?) and Louis knows he should scream, should shout for Mum—but Mum's been so tired lately, and he knows it's his fault for getting in trouble all the time, and he ruined another of her dates, so if this man is here to punish him, well.

"Are you here to, to punish me?" he asks, rolling to his feet. Big boys don't hide in corners.

"No, sweetheart," the man says. He sinks down onto the bed, staring at Louis. "You're, what, five? Six?"

Louis answers sharply, "'m'five and a half."

"Oh," the man murmurs. "That time, then." He sighs. Louis wants to keep watching his face, because anything that happens shows on the face first, but there's drawings all over the man's arms and he can't help looking at them. He isn't sure how long passes (he really wants to trace the drawings but doesn't dare get closer because he still doesn't know how the man got in his room) before the man says, "It's not your fault. You know that, don't you, Louis?"

He blinks, glancing up from a really cool compass. "Yes, it is. I'm loud. 'n'ann-anoyin'?"

For some reason, that makes the man look sad. He looks a lot like Mum when she gets sad. "Oh, sweetheart," the man says. "I promise, none of it's your fault. You won't believe Mum when she tells you that, or Da- or, well anyone. Not for a long time, in fact." He brings a hand up to his chest, over his heart. "Even after you start puttin' it on your skin, you won't believe it." He sighs again.

"Who are you?" Louis asks. He's probably dreaming, he realizes. How else could someone have gotten in without opening the door?

The man smiles. "I promise, everything will be wonderful someday. Mum'll be happy. You'll get baby sisters and a baby brother. You'll meet someone so amazin', and you'll do amazin' things."

Louis really wants to believe him. But he blinks and the man is gone, and when he steps over to the door, there's no sign anyone was ever there. And Mum's still crying down the hall because he chased away the guy she liked, and he's still got that bruise on his knee from fighting that boy at school.

It's a dream he forgets in the coming months. (And then there's a boy, and a band, and little sisters and a little brother, and a family so happy he can't believe it sometimes.

And then there's a room he hasn't seen in years, and a little boy crying on the floor, and he thinks, Oh.)

"If you could," Louis asks while tangling his fingers in hair that's barely begun to grow back, "would you go back in time?"

"Well, that depends," Harry says. Lou's been... a little odd, recently. He was fine when they met up before the Grand Prix but in the weeks since then… Harry’s not sure what happened. Niall didn’t notice anything off during their football match but Niall doesn’t know Louis quite as well as Harry does. Maybe his mum but Harry doesn’t know how to ask without causing a panic of some sort, and he hasn’t been able to steal enough time from set for a full investigation.

But he and Louis have all night, now. Harry isn’t needed on set until late tomorrow afternoon.

“Depends on what?” Louis asks, tugging on an errant curl. His hair has to be kept short but not even that can tame it fully.

“Can I choose when I go to?” Harry tilts his head back, meeting Louis’ gaze.

Louis shakes his head, and there’s something sad about the small twist of his lips. “No,” he answers. “And you won’t even know it’s a possibility until you have.”

“That sounds dangerous,” Harry says.

Louis shrugs, bringing his other hand up to tap at Harry’s newest tattoo, just over his heart. “What if there’s a single moment,” he asks now, “where everything can change, and you won’t even know for twenty years?” He laughs, leaning over to rest his face against Harry’s shoulder. “It’ll just be something insignificant, a night you’ll forget soon enough, but your entire outlook on life…” He laughs again, breath warm on Harry’s skin. “A man with a kind word when you think you’ve destroyed the world.”

“Lou,” Harry whispers, bringing his own hand up to cradle the back of Louis’ head. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothin’, love, I promise,” Louis sighs. “Just...” He laughs a third time, barely a murmur, so softly Harry only knows because he feels it. He presses a gentle kiss to Harry’s shoulder before sitting back up. Their eyes meet, and it’s been a long time since Louis seemed so peaceful. “We’ll be free soon,” he says. “I just got a reminder, that’s all. And everything is worth it.”

Harry catches the hand in his hair, pulls it to his lips for a kiss. “You’re worth everything,” he says.

Louis smiles that same bright grin from the toilet, the one that caught and kept Harry’s attention. “And you,” he says. “My own silly boy.” He leans down again to press a kiss to Harry’s nose and then murmurs into Harry’s mouth, “And I have you all night, don’t I, silly Harold?”

“You do,” Harry whispers back. “What do you plan to do with me?”

“I should taste you, I think,” Louis says, sitting up and patting Harry’s cheek. “Everywhere. Make sure you’re authentic and all.”

“If you must,” Harry agrees, rolling out of his lap and spreading his arms. “I’m yours for the night.”

Forever, he means and Louis smiles again.

Title: stained red
Fandom: fairy tales
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: character death; AU
Pairings: Cinderella/the prince
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 135
Point of view: third
Prompt: any fairytale. any. With vampires.

She dances with the prince and everyone is too busy marveling at her beauty to see that the reflected prince is dancing alone.

She pulls the remaining slipper from one of the various pockets she'd sown into her work frocks, and meets her stepmother's horrified gaze over the footman's shoulder as her foot fits perfectly.

She kisses her prince as they’re sworn before God to honor each other and the realm.

She smiles a humble, lovely smile as she is pronounced Queen, her prince become King far sooner than anyone had anticipated, but the beloved king had slowly grown sicker and sicker as the months passed.

"Well played, my dear," her godmother murmurs as the newly-crowned king slowly grows sicker.

"Thank you," she whispers, licking her lips and pressing a kiss to her husband's throat.

Warnings: implied death
Prompt: Any, Any,

And those who expected lightning and thunder
Are disappointed.
And those who expected signs and archangels’ trumps
Do not believe it is happening now.
As long as the sun and the moon are above,
As long as the bumblebee visits a rose,
As long as rosy infants are born
No one believes it is happening now.

When the end comes, it starts slowly. Nothing truly changes at first and no one notices. For the longest time, no one realizes.

It starts in the water, first, oceans and rivers and lakes, anything connected. The small ponds last the longest, until finally the rain dries up, too.

Droughts lasted longer than in living memory and that's when people begin to clue in but it's far too late.


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Jul. 13th, 2016 01:54 pm (UTC)
Poor Methos - I think it's sometimes easy to forget how short human life is, especially if there's distraction. Now there's at least someone who will remember him very long :*)

So cute, that Harry time-traveling story... can't stop smiling 8)

Cinderella as a vampire makes the story really deliciously dark ::)

And the last story is really sad, and not entirely impossible...
Jul. 13th, 2016 08:48 pm (UTC)

Thank you for reading!
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