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RPF fic:

Title: Nothing Less Than Poetry and Songs
Fandom: One Direction RPF
Disclaimer: some of them are real people and some aren’t; the fictional ones belong to me, the real ones belong to themselves.
Warnings: I am making shit up about how publishing works, how television shows work, and how fan conventions work. Please just go with it. References to past spousal abuse (emotional and physical). A lack of self-care and minor disordered eating. Talk of depressive episodes.
Pairings: Harry/Louis (eventually), past OMC/Louis, Nick Grimshaw has a crush on Louis
Rating: PGish
Note: I’ve done a little research into what university might be near Doncaster but it’s such a minor thing in the fic. If anything’s wrong, please just handwave it. I’ve also changed some things about the art festival for that university to suit my timeline. Also, nothing about the BBC office as mentioned is accurate, so please just go with it. Probably, the publishing house is wrong, too.
Another note: this is set in 2015-2016 but I’ve aged everyone in Harry & Louis’ families up by four years with the age differences remaining the same. Anyone else’s age has been changed at my whim.

Thanks be to classics_lover for britpicking and betaing!

Louis’ popular book series is being turned into 9-episode show on the BBC, and there’s a man with curls he keeps bumping into.
Tags: fanfic: real person, fic, het, point of view: third person, rated pg, slash, title: n, wordcount: ten-thousand plus

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