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Rewatching Supernatural season 1, part 1

(copied from tumblr)

They are SO YOUNG and LITTLE. Oh my gosh. The first time I watched this, I was younger than Sam; now I’m older than Dean.

Also, holy shit, Jensen Ackles is exactly as gorgeous as I remember him being.


On to Wendigo: why the fuck did they film this show so goddamned dark?


Still Wendigo:

IT IS SO FUCKING DARK, how are we supposed to see what’s going on!?


And now on Dead in the Water:

Wow, way to be inconspicuous, boys.


Also, this is one of the things I still love about the show, even though I’m six seasons behind and I’m not sure it’s true anymore: but they get the sibling relationship. I loved it when I first watched, and I’m loving it now.


Also, shit, I forgot I was planning to shower after this. Damnit. At least I can be reasonably sure neither of my parents has ever accidentally or purposefully drowned someone?


Phantom Traveler:

This doesn’t really jive with how demons are portrayed later, but Dean’s still all cute with his homemade EMF meter and Sam’s adorably shocked at his big brother actually being afraid of something.


Bloody Mary! One of my favorite eps, just because it showcases (finally!) how good Dean is at hand-to-hand combat. *happy sigh*

But also, it shows how cocky the boys are; not checking for an alarm system? Sloppy.


And now Skin. Holy shit, Skin.

Massive plot holes. Jensen playing a psychopath. Little!brother Sam who has big!brother Dean wrapped around his finger.

I remember loving this episode. Let’s see if I still do.


Also: god, I hate Sam calling this chick Becky and Beck, and I don’t know why. It just doesn’t sound right for some reason.


Oh my gossssshhhhh, Sam is just a giant puppy dog! He’s so big but he can look so sad and petulant, and it’s no wonder Dean just melts.


GOD, in what universe would Rebecca be walking home from the hospital after being tortured in her own home? Seriously?!


There are SO MANY PLOTHOLES with Dean Winchester being blamed for everything in St. Louis. The cops just let his little brother go? No one asks any questions about motivation? Is there any other evidence besides his corpse? WHO is supposed to have killed him?



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