questioning in order to create (tigriswolf) wrote,
questioning in order to create

so, i’m reading Black Book of Poems and i haven’t been this frustrated with poetry since the first time i read Milton. i keep having to pause and roll my eyes, and i do not understand all the rave reviews. these poems are so forced! so trite! i feel like i wrote this kind of stuff as a preteen, and then i feel guilty for feeling like that, but seriously.

all the rhyming. ALL THE RHYMING. every single poem so far has rhymed, for fuck’s sake. SO MUCH FORCED RHYMING.

i’m gonna finish it, if only so i can add it to my book log. (which, yes, i am keeping again. 17 so far!)

and, to be fair, there are some good lines in here. they’re just difficult to find because of all the R H Y M I N G.

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