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so, i’m gonna submit a manuscript to a poetry competition. I have 2: one for general poetry and one for fairy tales. I like them both equally, so I need help deciding which to submit.

anyone wanna read ‘em and discuss with me?
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My cat Anakin has been having some health issues that bewildered our regular vet and the specialist they sent us to; the specialist sent us to another specialist, who finally diagnosed the problem. For the past few weeks, I've given him multiple medication multiple times a day and none of it made a difference.

He has feline infectious peritonitis, the dry kind. He'll live a few months at most.

He's not even two years old.
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essay i wrote

So, I’m going to finish my lit review today. Got 13 books to add and then I need to arrange it cohesively.

One of the books, I’ve written two papers about. So I went back to those papers. I’m going to post part of one on my tumblr. It’s about the fire.

Link here.
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so i’ll be making a presentation in my writing class about how to use fanfiction for creative writing and student engagement

anyone got a quote for me about how fanfiction helped them learn to write / encouraged them / anything else along these lines?