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So, I have a bin full of books that I’m planning to donate. Would anyone want three books chosen at random mailed to them? I’d only ask for $3 - $5 on paypal, to help mitigate shipping costs, and also a list of no-gos about plot/subject.
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Okay, so in my writing class last year, I signed up for a thing that lets you know when something academic attached to your name is downloaded; the only thing I have academically accessible is my Master’s thesis.

I just got updated that someone in Norway and someone in Iran downloaded my thesis about elderly emergent readers and their life history with literacy. It’s odd yet cool.

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SO. I kinda want to do timestamps in the time traveling Sam ‘verse.  Here’s the ideas I have so far:

- Michael/Millie & Samael/Deanna walking the Earth (and running into a few angels or demons)

- Abbadon + Henry Winchester are still gonna show up

- Rowena exists

- the Nazi necromancers exist

- the bunker!

- Alistair is King of Hell

- Amara + the Three-Fold Creator

Any other ideas? suggestions? requests?

king of the jungle

book log FINISHED

January: 25
February: 55
March: 80
April: 47
May: 63
June: 72
July: 95
August: 32
September: 31
October: 89
November: 73
December: 343
Year-end total: 1,003

Apparently, the list (21 pages / almost 10,000 words) is too large to post here, so if you wanna check it out here's a link.