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questioning in order to create

i'm awake, and i'm young, and i'm alive

29 February
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I am born. I do breathe. I am called to write. The end.

I have accounts at A03 and tumblr under the same name, fictionpress.com as wildwolffree17, and fanfiction.net as wild wolf free17.

Also at dreamwidth.

Feel free to do whatever you like with my fics (I'd especially enjoy illustrations, if anyone felt so inclined) so long as you link me. You do not have to ask beforehand, but let me know afterwards. Thank you. DO NOT repost any of my works anywhere.

baby donkeydragons, big cats, black panthers, books about interesting things, canines, carnivores, cats, creation myths, dinosaurs, dragons, elderly emergent readers, fairy tales, felines, grammar, gray wolves, great white sharks, history, horses, legends, loch ness monster, louis tomlinson, marinas trench, megalodons, methos, mythological beasts, mythology, oceans, poetry, prehistoric oceans, prehistory, punctuation, reading, reptiles, sabé, sea monsters, shane, shere kahn, snakes, stories, supercrocs, talking polar bears, tigers, vampires, werewolves, winged fire-breathing unicorns, writing